SCOTT PILGRIM cast expands

Brian O’Malley announces that most of the cast for the screen adaption of his cult hit SCOTT PILGRIM series has been revealed. In a bit of wry casting, two of the evil ex-boyfriends Scott must vanquish are to be played by noted superhero thesps Brandon Routh, who wore the tights in SUPERMAN RETURNS, and Chris […]

Pull Quotes: Girls and punching

Chynna Clugston (BLUE MONDAY) talks about what draws women to comics, and why girls don’t always mind the ones with punching: We need more well-written character pieces to get women in here. I don’t mean lame romances or popularity contests, bitch fights and more of that crap. We need a good balance of everything, and […]

More Diamond stuff

Newsarama finally gets Diamond’s recent changes on the record from Bill Schanes. Those following the story will probably have read the whole thing, but it’s worth discussing a bit — most of the changes are because of the economy, but according to Schanes, Diamond is being sensitive to the individual needs of publishers. But it’s […]

Oscar likes BUTTON, Ledger

The Oscar nominations are out, and though DARK KNIGHT scored a respectable 8 nominations — including one for Heath Ledger as Best Supporting Actor, DARK KNIGHT was shut out of the Best Picture running. WALL*E got 6 noms. including Best Screenplay and WALTZ WITH BASHIR was nominated for Best Foriegn Film, the first animated film […]

Kim condemns Hollywood racism

We made an oblique reference to the controversy over the casting of the AVATAR; THE LAST AIRBENDER movie the other day, but noted cartoonist Derek Kirk Kim has a rather impassioned take on it and a call for action on his blog:New day in politics, same old racist world on the silver screen. The gist […]

“Are Comic Books Dying?”

Yadda yadda. Over at the Tor.Com Blog, Heather Massey asks Are Comic Books Dying?, and she isn’t even talking about the Diamond thing. It’s a summation of most of the usual arguments: Think about the casual fan, or the parent of a child who has just watched Iron Man and would like to read more […]

Recession Watch: WB cuts, Top Cow cuts

• On Monday, Rich Johnston reported that Top Cow has laid off two of its top people, VP of Sales and Marketing Mel Caylo and VP of Editorial Rob Levin. We’ve received the email from Levin confirming this…but he will be attending New York Comic-Con with Top Cow for those who might wish to talk […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 1/22/09

§ Apparently there is a new site, which is in opposition to this Mark Waid Is Evil site. We expect the truth of the matter — whether an end to this classic Manichean battle, or the purpose of the marketing campaign — will be revealed in due course. § Maybe it’s our weakened state, […]

Starting Over

We’re gingerly climbing back into the saddle, but won’t be galloping for a little while; thanks to everyone for the “Get well” wishes. We really do need some time to resume ramming speed because while we were sick we took an almost complete Internet vacation — even email and Facebook — and that was a […]

Lost 5X01: What if I were real?

A little action, a lot of talking and some very weird things. That’s the short version of tonight’s two-hour premiere of Lost. Let’s jump to the spoilery stuff, shall we? You’ve been warned.