SCOTT PILGRIM cast expands

Brian O’Malley announces that most of the cast for the screen adaption of his cult hit SCOTT PILGRIM series has been revealed. In a bit of wry casting, two of the evil ex-boyfriends Scott must vanquish are to be played by noted superhero thesps Brandon Routh, who wore the tights in SUPERMAN RETURNS, and Chris […]

Pull Quotes: Girls and punching

Chynna Clugston (BLUE MONDAY) talks about what draws women to comics, and why girls don’t always mind the ones with punching: We need more well-written character pieces to get women in here. I don’t mean lame romances or popularity contests, bitch fights and more of that crap. We need a good balance of everything, and […]

More Diamond stuff

Newsarama finally gets Diamond’s recent changes on the record from Bill Schanes. Those following the story will probably have read the whole thing, but it’s worth discussing a bit — most of the changes are because of the economy, but according to Schanes, Diamond is being sensitive to the individual needs of publishers. But it’s […]

Oscar likes BUTTON, Ledger

The Oscar nominations are out, and though DARK KNIGHT scored a respectable 8 nominations — including one for Heath Ledger as Best Supporting Actor, DARK KNIGHT was shut out of the Best Picture running. WALL*E got 6 noms. including Best Screenplay and WALTZ WITH BASHIR was nominated for Best Foriegn Film, the first animated film […]

Kim condemns Hollywood racism

We made an oblique reference to the controversy over the casting of the AVATAR; THE LAST AIRBENDER movie the other day, but noted cartoonist Derek Kirk Kim has a rather impassioned take on it and a call for action on his blog:New day in politics, same old racist world on the silver screen. The gist […]

“Are Comic Books Dying?”

Yadda yadda. Over at the Tor.Com Blog, Heather Massey asks Are Comic Books Dying?, and she isn’t even talking about the Diamond thing. It’s a summation of most of the usual arguments: Think about the casual fan, or the parent of a child who has just watched Iron Man and would like to read more […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 1/22/09

§ Apparently there is a new site, which is in opposition to this Mark Waid Is Evil site. We expect the truth of the matter — whether an end to this classic Manichean battle, or the purpose of the marketing campaign — will be revealed in due course. § Maybe it’s our weakened state, […]

Starting Over

We’re gingerly climbing back into the saddle, but won’t be galloping for a little while; thanks to everyone for the “Get well” wishes. We really do need some time to resume ramming speed because while we were sick we took an almost complete Internet vacation — even email and Facebook — and that was a […]