We’re gingerly climbing back into the saddle, but won’t be galloping for a little while; thanks to everyone for the “Get well” wishes. We really do need some time to resume ramming speed because while we were sick we took an almost complete Internet vacation — even email and Facebook — and that was a pretty transforming experience. Sometimes you need to step back and realize there’s a whole other world out there, a world of juice and tissue and Mucinex and sitting around in your bathrobe playing Battle for Wesnoth. Yes, it is important that all of us take an Internet vacation from time to time.


  1. HERETIC! not… not use the Internet? You might as well say one needs a television vacation, or…or… or (better sit down) a TELEPHONE vacation!

    I remember being sick as a kid. Napping from 10-3 because there wasn’t anything on TV but soap operas. Reading the occasional comicbook (purchased when my prescription was filled).

    Welcome back Heidi. Take your time, you’ve got two weeks before NYCC.