Tonight! Alixopulos, Shaw, Dahl, Reklaw

Can someone please get us a picture of this event, because we’ve never seen Alixopulos and Reklaw in the same room together! Please join us at Desert Island this Wednesday, October 8th from 7:00– 9:00 PM for “Happy Accident,” a book signing, slide show and party with Dash Shaw, Ken Dahl, Jesse Reklaw, and Trevor […]

More on ASP/DDP: A. David Lewis speaks

With various aspects of the Archaia Studios Press acquisition spilling out on the web, one ASP creator feels that some disinformation is out there. A. David Lewis is the co-creator (with Marvin “mpMann” Mann) of two well-regarded ASP titles: the graphic novel THE LONE AND LEVEL SANDS and the series SOME NEW KIND OF SLAUGHTER. […]

Official statements: Archaia and Devil’s Due

Yesterday, word broke of an impending deal between Archaia Studio Press and Devil’s Due Publishing. Statements have just been received from both parties in the deal, and the story going around is not entirely accurate: ASP is being acquired, but by Kunoichi, Inc., a company formed by DDP’s Josh Blaylock but owned by DDP CEO […]

CBLDF needs YOU!

Looking to volunteer for a good cause? This may be the way: The CBLDF is looking for volunteers available NOW! If you live in New York City, and are over the age of 17, we need your help! Please send your resume to


While the gold rush of comics to mainstream book publishers seems to have slowed a bit (there were very few announcements or rumors at SPX, aside from Raina Telgemeier’s SMILE deal with Scholastic) it isn’t all over: Jimmy Gownley’s AMELIA RULES is getting the book treatment. PR: Ginee Seo Books, an imprint of Atheneum/Simon & […]

IDW Presidential Tour

IDW’s presidential nominees bios are out today, and the creators are going on a tour, starting TODAY: Writers Jeff Mariotte & Andy Helfer will be appearing at comic shops in New York, Los Angeles, and Orange County to promote the release of Presidential Material: John McCain & Presidential Material: Barack Obama from IDW Publishing. The […]

Links and thoughts

§ Mike Catron writes to tell us that the Grand Comics Database has completed indexing of all 800+ issues of ACTION COMICS: With the approval of issue #709 today, Action Comics (including Action Comics Weekly) has been completely indexed here at the GCD. That’s 871 unique issues (869 plus 0 and 1000000, not to mention […]

Jacko: which side are you on?

The gossip site TMZ spies singer Michael Jackson shopping at LA’s Golden Apple comics shop with a photo gallery. Jackson is a long-time comics reader and a long-time customer at the store. Seen above, shop co-owner Sharon Liebowitz and the mysterious masked shopper. Apparently Jackson’s kids — who usually appear in public with masks on […]

WB “humorless”?

Nikki Finke had an interesting post the other day on Warners’ supposed discomfort with funny stuff: Who cares if Warner Bros just signed a 3-year/first-look deal with Steve Carell? Because everyone in Hollywood knows that Jeff Robinov and Alan Horn have no sense of humor. So they’ll waste him in unoriginal mainstream crap. (Don’t expect […]