RIP Michael Silberkleit

Archie Chairman Michael Silberkleit died on August 5. An obituary supplied by Archie follows. Michael I. Silberkleit, the chairman of Archie Comic Publications, died August 5th in New York City at the age of 76, after a short battle with cancer. For much of the 60 years he worked at Archie Comics, Silberkleit shared the […]

No DARK KNIGHT video game?

An LA Times wire story wonders why a DARK KNIGHT video game has failed to appear: It’s not as if an interactive “Dark Knight” wasn’t gearing up before the film’s release. Game publisher Electronic Arts had the rights to make a “Dark Knight” title, which EA-owned developer Pandemic Studios was working on, according to an […]

Before there was Google…there was Gaiman

Back in the primitive era of the ’80s, British comics writers had to call each other to look things up I remember Alan ringing me up when he was writing Watchmen #3, and said, “Neil, you’re an educated bloke. Where does the quote `Shall not the judge of all the earth do right?’ come from? […]

Changes at ComicMix?

On his blog, Rick Marshall notes he’s no longer at ComicMix: As some of you have already heard, ComicMix and I are parting ways. Despite some great accomplishments with the news element of ComicMix over the last few months, I was informed today that the company is shifting its focus away from the news side […]

DARK KNIGHT shrine visited

The spectacular hospital explosion in DARK KNIGHT was actually a closed Brach’s candy factory being blown up. Some fellows make a pilgrimage to the site as it stands today. Thanks, RJ. Technorati Tags: Batman wins

THE ROAD has been filming in Pittsburgh

And it’s lovely. Edited to add: the film stars Viggo Mortensen, obviously, who knows who to be grim, and is directed by John Hillcoat, who previously worked with Nick Cave so is obviously intimately acquainted with gloom. Hope this movie is good because the book certainly is. Technorati Tags: Cormac McCarthy