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The spectacular hospital explosion in DARK KNIGHT was actually a closed Brach’s candy factory being blown up. Some fellows make a pilgrimage to the site as it stands today.

Thanks, RJ.

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  1. Ah, the Brach’s Candy Company building. I knew it well! As a young kid, my friends and I used to sneak into the railroad yards near the company and then walk up the tracks to the loading docks looking for free candy. I don’t think we ever got any, but we got yelled at and chased a few times!

    Who knew that 40 years later, the building would be a set for a Batman movie?

  2. http://www.chicagopublicradio.org/Content.aspx?audioID=17609

    As a child growing up in suburban Middle America, I remember the Brach’s Pick-A-Mix candy displays at the local grocery stores. Each fixture would hold about twenty different candies, individually wrapped, ready to be mixed and matched and sold by the pound. Of course, as a youngster, I was always tempted to swipe a piece (two-cent Bazooka Joe bubble gum was another temptation). My favorite was the white jelly nougats. A chewy texture, unlike other candies. The neapolitan coconut sundaes are interesting as well.

  3. Thanks for linking to the blog. The Brach’s site actually is quite popular with local photographers–just do a Google image search for ‘abandoned Brach’s chicago’ and you’ll find many more interior shots.