An LA Times wire story wonders why a DARK KNIGHT video game has failed to appear:

It’s not as if an interactive “Dark Knight” wasn’t gearing up before the film’s release. Game publisher Electronic Arts had the rights to make a “Dark Knight” title, which EA-owned developer Pandemic Studios was working on, according to an EA manager who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the information is proprietary.

Gary Oldman, the actor who plays Gotham City police officer James Gordon, said in a recent interview with cable network G4 that he had seen a “tiny little piece” of “The Dark Knight” game and described a sequence with Batman realistically gliding across rooftops.

Beyond that, details about the game have been as concealed as Bruce Wayne in the Batsuit. Representatives for Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, EA and Pandemic would not comment for this story.

Frankly, we don’t quite know what they’re talking about.
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  1. I think people may be quite ready for Lego Batman after the release of the movie. Plus I think that “Batman: Brave and the Bold” will also help swing the Bat-pendulum back to a kinder gentler Caped Crusader and Boy Wonder.

  2. Kinder? Gentler? I want a Batman who shoots heroin right into his eye balls! He blows up criminals with stick of dynamite! PLus he’s always surrounded by whores! Whores! Whores! Whores! What are you dense? Are you retarded or something? Who the hell do you think he is? He’s the goddamn Batman!

    Shh. Shh. There, there, Mr. Miller. Time for your medication.