Live from Ballroom H

We’re sitting through the CHUCK panel right now. These TV casts are so funny and banter-y. Someone just asked if the two male leads would demonstrate a position between 68 and 70. They declined. We have never watched CHUCK and this panel will not persuade us to do so, but the actors all seem quite […]

The REAL Masters of Comic-Con

Anne Thompson covers the Webmasters panel: When asked how Latinoreview got its hands on so many early scripts six months before they go into production, Kellvin Chavez said: “We clean your offices.” Today, these once unassuming fanboys are courted by studio flacks and granted early access to set visits, star interviews and marketing materials. “Studios […]

Kochman gets imprint at Abrams

PW has the deets on Charlie Kochman’s new imprint at Abrams, Abrams ComicArts, which will publish a variety of comics and comics-related books: Kochman will direct the new imprint, which will launch with four new titles: The Art of Harvey Kurtzman: The Mad Genius of Comics by Denis Kitchen and Paul Buhle; The Art of […]


Damn, it had to happen. We’ve been having so much good luck — great hotel rooms, fast cabs, money on the floor — that something bad was bound to happen and for the first time in our 20+ years of con going, we’ve caught con crud, a sore throat severely hampering our communication efficiency, and […]