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BTW, Viz has broken the comics industry wide open, debuting their incredible YELLOW BAGS at this show. Demand is high.


  1. This and 20th Century Boys. Awesome. I actually have an oversized copy of volume one that I got in Japan. If only I read Japanese. Plus I’ve read some 2oth Century Boys and I can’t wait to get the US editions.

  2. Pluto is great and Urasawa is great–I started reading him with Happy in the 90s. Pluto is a strange story and I look forward to reading it in English–I have the oversized SCs too, a rare publishing format for Japan.

  3. Ugh. Happy is the one Naoki Urasawa manga that I found completely disappointing and formulaic. Yawara! was much more fun. But maybe that’s just me. Hell, I’m just glad that Pluto and 20th Century Boys will both be out in February, leaving no time to go through withdrawal after Monster wraps up. Schweet.

  4. Happy has some of the finest moment-to-moment action sequences I have ever seen in either comics or manga and I feel it is his best work. Story be damned, the tennis action is the story.

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