You people are not sending nearly enough stuff to SAN DIEGO DREAMING

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Okay, so it was just the pipe and drape collapsing. Still…CONMAGEDDON LOOMS.

Cooke tackles PARKER

Our con kicked off with a press conference for Darwyn Cooke where he announced a series of four graphic novels adapting the first four PARKER novels by Richard Stark, aka Donald Westlake. Publisher IDW gave out a series of sweet duo-tone promo cards by Cooke that look as hard-boiled and crime-tastic as you would like. […]

Official: Comic-Con jumps the shark

Over at THR, Borys Kit notes rampant shark jumping with a piece called Comic-Con’s geek chic fading? as he notes vacant socialite P**** H***** and starlet Kim Kardashian, who is known apparently just for having a big-ass ass, will be bringing their own special brand of magic to the show: There is talk that despite […]

Live from B.L.A.R.D.

We’re finally ensconced here at the Beat Local Action Rapid Deployment HQ, aka B.L.A.R.D., aka the Horton Grand. We’ve even managed to score a room with a balcony, excitingly enough. We were all set to enjoy a steaming cup of Vietnamese coffee out there when we realized the room comes with fan, shower cap and […]