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Our con kicked off with a press conference for Darwyn Cooke where he announced a series of four graphic novels adapting the first four PARKER novels by Richard Stark, aka Donald Westlake. Publisher IDW gave out a series of sweet duo-tone promo cards by Cooke that look as hard-boiled and crime-tastic as you would like. We’ll have a fuller story on the books in an upcoming issue of PW Comics Week.

In the spirit of full disclosure, we acted as a sounding board for IDW editor Scott Dunbier in setting up this event. As we’ve mentioned repeatedly here, it’s baffling that comic book companies don’t hold more press-only events at Comic-Cons. We asked a couple of other participants if they had been asked to any other comic book press conferences and no one could think of one (or else our acquaintances just aren’t asked to the right places).

Anyway, the books look very entertaining, and Cooke was born to draw amoral crime fiction. He also teased an announcement of his own creator-owned property later this year at Baltimore Con.


  1. Why hold a press conference when you can also have the fans (and bloggers) as well. One could restrict questions to the press.
    I have always preferred the National Press Club format: while the guest is speaking, the audience write their questions on cards, which are then reviewed and asked by the moderator.
    Otherwise, I would hold the press conference in a bar, with appetizers.

  2. I’m so happy about this I could verbally assault Batman’s mom. Those couple of preview images look fantastic.

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