Sdlogo CopyWe’re finally ensconced here at the Beat Local Action Rapid Deployment HQ, aka B.L.A.R.D., aka the Horton Grand. We’ve even managed to score a room with a balcony, excitingly enough. We were all set to enjoy a steaming cup of Vietnamese coffee out there when we realized the room comes with fan, shower cap and historic plaque, BUT NO COFFEEMAKER. The woman at the front desk informed us that only mini-suites have coffeemakers. We may have to send an operative on a run to the mall for one of those instant water heater thingies. Or we may have to bribe housekeeping to bring us a spare.

By the way, if you are looking for an ocean of calm and peace, or just to recreate your favorite scene from THE SHINING, stop by the lobby of the Horton Grand at just about any hour of the day — aside from the hotel staff and Future Mr. Beat, the only other person we’ve seen is The Incredible Hulk. Maybe he can get them to give him a coffeemaker?

Seriously, this place is supposed to be haunted and we can see why — while everything else in San Diego is buzzing and bursting at the seams, the hotel lobby is fit for a Scooby Doo inspection.

In social eventing, we had a nice dinner with some foreigners last night before heading over to the Sony party for the new DC Online game. The party wasn’t crowded — perhaps because of a competing Marvel/Activision soiree? — but it was odd to be in a place where people asked us blankly, “So what brings you to Comic-Con?” The only other people we recognized were Chris Butcher, Scott Robins, longtime Beat pal Paul from, who already has all the toy news from the show up, and of course the man of the hour, Jim Lee, who spent many hours designing the game. We’re not getting a full-on demo until Sunday, but the game looks to be a big success for DC, and another example of how DC is successfully licensing its stable.

Despite boycott hopes, it sounds like everyone else was over at the Hyatt, but we decided to get some vital supplies at Ralphs and call it an early night for tonight’s party-thon — there are at least six competing bashes, and probably many more.


  1. You know what videogame I want to see from DC?

    Basebrawl, as created by Al Jaffee in MAD Magazine.

    (You get to use the bat as an offensive weapon. Both teams are on the field at the same time, so that the dugouts can be used as aid stations…)

    And it’s kinda nice, sitting here in my cubicle, using Google News to search hourly for news and other tidbits.

  2. Yesterday was the first time I wished I was at SD this year.

    But that’s because a project at work turned from pain-in-the-behind to horrifying (the other shoe finally fell) and this week and next are going to be hell.

    Dealing with smelly Klingons would have been preferable.

  3. We were at the Horton Grand and saw the Hulk but didn’t see the Beat. Too bad, ’cause we didn’t use our coffeemaker. Not even the morning after the 1:15am false fire alarm.

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