SDCC Sunday programming up

Sunday is UP. And you can still get tickets! It’s Kids Day, neither the little ones nor their guardians shall be disappointed. SpongeBob SquarePants! Zuda! Fred Savage! Scott Morse! Ben Edlund! Kyle Baker! Tania del Rio! Pam Brady! Dan DiDio (twice)! Doogie Howser! Wes Craven! Jennifer Love Hewitt! Pro/Fan Trivia Challenge!!!!! Mark Evanier! Grant Morrison […]

Warner and DC meet to form a cunning plan

While we like HELLBOY, it’s clear that DARK KNIGHT is the summer superhero movie that has generated the most fanboy drool. It’s currently at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, is getting rave reviews everywhere, and has inspired 6 am screenings at some theaters. It’s this summer’s buzz movie, and we expect it to join FIGHT CLUB […]

Villard to publish GOATS

Webcomics are on the move, as Random House imprint Villard picks up the rights to Jonathan Rosenberg’s Goats. It’s a particularly interesting move in that book publishers are just beginning to catch on to the potential for webcomics to become long running book franchises ala Garfield or Bloom County. Dark Horse was the first to […]


Of all this summer’s plentiful comic book movies, the one we’ve been looking forward to the most is HELLBOY II: THE GOLDEN ARMY, because…well, it just looks so crazy and Guillermo del Toro is a true visionary. It’s currently at a laudable 87% on Rotten Tomatoes, and a big opening weekend is expected. There are […]

Dulce Pinzón’s Superheroes

MEANWHILE, here’s an interesting photo set from Dulce Pinzón which shows real life Mexican immigrant workers in superhero garb: The Mexican immigrant worker in New York is a perfect example of the hero who has gone unnoticed. It is common for a Mexican worker in New York to work extraordinary hours in extreme conditions for […]


Marvel’s San Diego panel schedule is up. One that’s particularly interesting: SUNDAY, JULY 27 WHAT: Women in Marvel Panel WHEN: 10:30am – 11:30am WHERE: Room 6A THE 411: She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel are powerhouses in the Marvel U, now meet the real women powerhouses who work in Marvel Comics today! Writers Robin Furth (DARK TOWER) […]

More on Memin Pinguin

Mexican artist Adalisa Zárate gives some context to Memin Pinguin: Now, Memin was created back in 1940, and it hasn’t changed since then. Should he get a revamped version, that draws less from the old design? Maybe, if they were paying Mr. Sixto Valencia, the artist (Mrs. Duche died a while ago) for redrawing his […]

Goodwin, Lieber get the Finger Award

The winners of this year’s Finger Award for Excellence in Comic Book Writing have been announced, and worthy ones they are: Archie Goodwin and Larry Lieber. . The award is presented each year to writers to spotlight their accomplishments. PR below Comic-Con International, the largest comic book and popular arts event in the United States, […]

Morning Manga updates

§ Correction 8/13: These titles were announced as cancelled by a Tokyopop distributor, but ToykoPop has not announced them as cancelled as of yet: Tokyo Pop has announced it is cancelling thew following titles, all due for January ’09: Beyond the Beyond Volume 5 Blazin’ Barrels Volume 11 Karma Club Volume 2 Kat & Mouse […]