§ Correction 8/13: These titles were announced as cancelled by a Tokyopop distributor, but ToykoPop has not announced them as cancelled as of yet:

Tokyo Pop has announced it is cancelling thew following titles, all due for January ’09:

Beyond the Beyond Volume 5
Blazin’ Barrels Volume 11
Karma Club Volume 2
Kat & Mouse Volume 4
Kindaichi Case Files, The Burial Francs
Lagoon Engine Volume 6
Lagoon Engine Volume 7
Nosatsu Junkie Volume 7
Queen’s Knight, The Volume 13
Queen’s Knight, The Volume 14
Saver Volume 7

§ Over at Newsarama, Benjamin Ong Pang Kean looks at the coming of Kodansha with a long, intensively researched article that includes comments from the various US licensers.

Nevertheless, [Tokyopop] remains optimistic about the Kodansha USA news. “I just returned from ALA [the American Library Association] (where the librarians love manga!) and I saw the official news about Kodansha — it reminded me of the announcement of a few years ago when Kodansha and Del Rey announced their partnership, which helped to grow the market,” Associate Publisher Marco F. Pavis said. “We expect this move to have a similar impact on the U.S. market during these challenging times. We will continue to work with Kodansha on various, innovative projects. Our relationship goes back more than ten years — as you know, TokyoPop and Kodansha helped to launch manga in the U.S., and a number of their series are still among our bestsellers, including The Twelve Kingdoms, Samurai Deeper Kyo, and Rave Master (I can’t wait to meet Mashima-san at San Diego Comic-Con). Overall, we welcome Kodansha to join us as we continue to build the category.

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  1. I suppose I should be glad we got as many volumes of Kindaichi Case Files as we did, but that doesn’t make the cancellation of English language editions from TokyoPop any easier to swallow. *sigh* Fare well, Kindaichi.

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