Marvel’s San Diego panel schedule is up. One that’s particularly interesting:

WHAT: Women in Marvel Panel
WHEN: 10:30am – 11:30am
WHERE: Room 6A
THE 411: She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel are powerhouses in the Marvel U, now meet the real women powerhouses who work in Marvel Comics today! Writers Robin Furth (DARK TOWER) & Marjorie Liu (NYX), Jen Grunwald (Editor), colorist Christina Strain (RUNAWAYS), and Occasional Superheroine’s Valerie D’Orazio are here to answer your question about their titles, announce new projects, and explain how more women are breaking into comics every day!


  1. That’s interesting that it’s a Marvel panel, and not just a “women in comics” panel… also interesting that they had to round it out with a fourth who doesn’t even work there (unless she’s the moderator, but that’s unclear from the description).

  2. Seeing as Valerie has aligned herself with Marvel, perhaps she should stop bashing DC all the time. Conflict of interest and all. And maybe even step down from Lulu. And how will this affect her boyfriend’s career at DC’s Zuda?

  3. Why on EARTH should Val step down from Lulu if she is on a Marvel panel? Friend of Lulu is for INDUSTRY professionals and readers.

  4. Yes, saying Val should bow out of Lulu because she allies with Marvel is like saying a new presidential campaign staffer should leave a position in the League of Women Voters. There is no conflict there.

  5. Ok, I just realized my little simile above is completely misguided in practice. What I was trying to get out is that FoL is an organization specifically for people who work for or deal with any number of disparate interests within the industry.

  6. Could be true, could just be poor grammar in the panel description. Either way, though, sounds like a fun panel. Shame I’ll be nowhere near San Diego that weekend.