J. Allen St’ John’s TARZAN art

Golden Age Comics Book Stories spotlights the art of J. Allen St. John: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8.

MEDEA by Becky Cloonan

One in a series

Meanwhile, the future of manga

Kai-Ming Cha observes: Guys, I’m at AX and I’m gonna say it: the future looks bleak.I’m not sure that manga readers here are really manga readers and I would even go so far as to say that they’re not even comics readers. There’s a love for the medium, but only within the shojo or shonen […]

Anime Expo reports

The big news this weekend was the Anime Expo in LA, with over 40,000 manga, anime and cosplay fans lining up to hear news from all the major players in the field. ComiPress has an exhaustive round-up of links that tell you everything you could ever want to know. Brigid Alverson has a concise digest […]

Brit warns comics are only hope of stopping those pesky girls

An English educator who has written government literacy reports recommends comics such as THE BEANO and DANDY as tools to get boys to read, in a desperate bid to catch up with girls, who apparently soak up the books like a hoard of vast omnivorous sponges: Mr Brown said that Japanese-style Manga comics were particularly […]

It’s not Fanboy Rampage but it’s the best we can do…

Subscribe to Graeme McMillan’s posts and comments on I09, including Five Superhero Movies We’re Glad Didn’t Get Made: Green Lantern: One of the greatest near-misses in cinema history is the fact that fan outcry halting pre-production of Jack Black’s comedy movie version of DC’s space cop superhero a few years ago. Hearing Jack talk about […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits 7/7

§ At long last! Shaenon Garrity takes on the “Littles” — Dot and Lotta!: Little Lotta, incidentally, really needs to be revived, as she’s a great role model for plus-size kids, and there are certainly plenty of those around. The more Lotta eats, the stronger she gets, so gaining weight gives her super-strength to defend […]

Area woman finds WANTED morally ambiguous

Lucinda Breeding of the Denton Record-Chronicle thinks WANTED reflects an interest in the grim and gritty: Last weekend, Universal released Wanted, which is based on a comic book miniseries about a meek worker bee with an impressive, although hidden, gift. He’s the son of a legendary assassin in an organization with an impressive name — […]

SD:CCI International Film Fest

And the schedules begin! Up first: the International Film Festival Schedule.

We’d feel a bit more refreshed…

from our vacation if the AC at Stately Beat Manor hadn’t been broken all weekend. =( BTW, this is well and truly the Summer of the Comic Book Movie. Everywhere we go posters for Wanted, Hellboy II and The Dark Knight. We’re too feeble from dehydration to pull out our camera and take any pictures, […]