Lucinda Breeding of the Denton Record-Chronicle thinks WANTED reflects an interest in the grim and gritty:

Last weekend, Universal released Wanted, which is based on a comic book miniseries about a meek worker bee with an impressive, although hidden, gift. He’s the son of a legendary assassin in an organization with an impressive name — The Fraternity. Angelina Jolie plays Fox, the only woman in this boys club. She’s a limber employee who doesn’t waste words or punches.

Comics and graphic novels wouldn’t be wildly popular if they didn’t speak to both the shadow side of human nature along with that pesky habit called hope. It’s reasonable to believe that, when a director transfers the pictures from the page to the screen, the idea is the keep some of the meaning.

So what was Wanted trying to say?


  1. The same thing every Mark Millar comic is trying to say: “LOOK AT ME AM I NOT AWESOME YOU WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH ME NOW GIRLS I STUCK OUT WITH IN HIGH SCHOOL AM I RIGHT?”

  2. Fess up – you just linked to that so you could write a gratuitous “Onion-like” headline for a piece that looks like it was laid out by the Onion graphic design team.

    That said, I think the author of that piece put more thought into “Wanted” than any of its creators did.

  3. Without too many spoilers, the main character seemed very smug at the end for a guy who did nothing but screw up for the previous 90min getting a lot of people killed, more often innocent than not.

    Don’t think there was a point except it’s okay to be stupid as long as you’re badass at the same time.

  4. I’m curious about what the writer of that article would have thought of the source material if she thought the movie was morally ambiguous…