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Green Lantern: One of the greatest near-misses in cinema history is the fact that fan outcry halting pre-production of Jack Black’s comedy movie version of DC’s space cop superhero a few years ago. Hearing Jack talk about what we could’ve seen in an alternate world is enough reason to be grateful:

I was going to be making all kinds of stuff… I was going to be capturing bad guys with green, giant prophylactics. Some funny stuff.


  1. Ugh…io9 is FAIL. It’s gawker’s ugly child. The Harold Emery Lauder of that little media empire, scratching away in their notebooks, swearing that one day they’ll all pay.

    Their comic coverage consists of a run down of the most bland superhero nonsense. Cause that’s all comics are good for of course.

  2. We all know “jump the shark”…

    If they did that Lantern film it would’ve been “Jack the Lantern” and ended the whole comics-to-film thing right there, like a blast of vomit flavored tic tacs.