DC: BATMAN YEAR 100 isn’t one of the best comics of the year

Every once in a while we feel a little bad for picking on DC around here, then we read something like this and we have to put on one of those ruffled collar things to keep from scratching our head to the bone. It seem DC refused to let Lynda Barry put an excerpt of […]

R Stevens goes back to sticks with the web

In a story that proves that owning your good ideas gives the biggest payout, R Stevens has announced he’s ending print syndication of DIESEL SWEETIES: As of mid-August, DS is ending its run in newspapers and going back to being web-only! Why? Because I’m an optimist, I opted out. At Fleen he tells Gary Tyrell […]

ADV sells furniture, anime

The news that ADV was selling off a bunch of office furniture drew the expected cries of alarm: From http://www.windsorauction.com/auction.asp : Thurs., June 26 at 10:00 am: Consolidation of Large Video / DVD Co. 10501 Kipp Way Dr., Suite 300, Houston, TX Very large quantity of oak, walnut & Ikea style office furniture, computers, servers, […]

LInks of note

§ Don McPherson finds writing about comics subscriptions is no easy task: Yes, it would have made for an interesting feature, tapping not only into nostalgia but examining how the business of comics publishing has changed in recent years. Alas, such a story won’t be found on this site. Jenna Pagliuca, who’s in charge of […]

Breaking news: DJ Coffman paid

DJ Coffman has closed the books on Platinum: Fed Ex showed up with a check from Platinum paying me up to date anything that was owed to me, so that whole issue is over with. I’m glad they paid me, and honestly none of this would have blown up for me if I hadn’t nearly […]

People in Chicago

§ Warren Ellis Went out to dinner with William and Ariana last night at a remote and relatively ancient steakhouse, which was offering dinners-for-two for $39 to celebrate their 39th year in business. Across the road, next to the Des Plaines Chamber Of Commerce, were stores called THE BAREFOOT HAWAIIAN and REBEL’S TROPHYS (sic). The […]

Selling indie comics at cons

Ben Towle wraps up Heroes Con with a detailed list of observations and he confronts what many people saw as low sales for indies at the show in a very constructive way: Smile! It’s probably a bit of a regional bias, but I definitely saw some residents of Indie Island who really gave off a […]

HANCOCK thoughts

[NOTE TO COMMENTERS: PLEASE NO SPOILERS!] Before you see HANCOCK, the new Will Smith movie about a dissolute superhero, I advise you to heed two terrible words of warning: AKIVA GOLDSMAN!!! It also invokes Heidi’s Law of Movies: The quality of a film will be in inverse proportion to the number of short films based […]

Levitz on Nee

Over at Blog@, DC publisher Paul Levitz speaks out on John Nee’s departure Change is always confusing and traumatic, and the downside of DC’s relatively stable structure is we may handle change more creakily than some other places. Listen to the noise out there, and any change is always the tip of some iceberg-size contortion, […]

Junko Mizuno at Marvel

CB Cebulski teases Marvel work by famed manga and fine artist Junko Mizuno.

Brian Ralph’s return from Heroes Con

stuck at the airport with Joe Quinones and Maris Wicks: Many flights were delayed!

New DARK KNIGHT photos

WB released a bunch of Dark Knight press materials today, and we’re too lazy to check which photos have already been put up on the web.

Platipop: When will they ever learn?

Steve Bissette weighs in on the Platinum situation, where creators have signed away most of their rights and are now not being paid: Welcome to the 21st Century, where abuse of creators is rampant and the illusion that all the battles were won and such affairs somehow aren’t Creator Rights issues is part of what […]

Mystery solved: why would anyone sign that Tokyopop Manga Pilot Program contract?

Benjamin Ong Pang Kean continues his look at the Tokyopop fallout with a look at the Manga Pilot program that created such a ruckus: NRAMA: Okay, guys. There’ve been much debates about the contract, or rather, “the pact”. We’re not going to go into legal terms and what-not here but what’re your initial/general thoughts on […]

More on…stuff

Steven Grant looks at the crazy goings on of the past week, specifically the “Dan DiDio is getting the Willie Randolph treatment!” rumor and how it becomes morphed into fanthink: Fanthink is an interesting beast. It starts with the premise, which perhaps not coincidentally is what the DC comics universe has been based on for […]

Oni and 60Frames pact

Have you heard that new Neil Diamond song Pactin’ Oni? This time out they have pacted with online entertainment producer 60Frames for a bunch of comics-and-web projects written by Hollywood types: First titles include “Men With Guns: Assassin,” created by Tom Fontana (“Oz,” “Homicide”), as well as “Ark,” from “Freaks and Geeks” scribes Gabe Sachs […]