§ Don McPherson finds writing about comics subscriptions is no easy task:

Yes, it would have made for an interesting feature, tapping not only into nostalgia but examining how the business of comics publishing has changed in recent years.

Alas, such a story won’t be found on this site.

Jenna Pagliuca, who’s in charge of subscriptions at Marvel, declined to answer questions after a company PR official referred to me to her, and repeated requests for information from or an interview with a subscriptions manager at DC seem to have fallen on deaf ears.

§ Lea looks at Tokyopop asonly Lea can:

I find it more than interesting and not a little atrocious that the editors of these books offered the Pilot Program as a submission process, as a way to “make it all the way back around [to print]”. I will be blunt: if you are a publisher and need a dirty day’s work done, apparently a TP editor can do it, and do it well. Sure, they were doing their jobs. They obviously had an amazing rapport with the creators, or a finger on the pulse of their desperation levels, since they convinced them to take a piece of shit contract.

§ We just really enjoyed this list of little known books.


  1. Re: list of little known books…

    Can I just say that PARIS is a heart stoppingly beautiful book in every sense that a comic can be? I randomly picked it up when a comic shop closed down near me and I’m SO GLAD. That’s a great entry on the list. I didn’t know a lot of the other books on the list, which means the writer was doing his job pretty good.

    Unknown? To people who read THE COMICS REPORTER? Are you kidding?

    Still, great list. Good link, Beatster.

    P.S. PARIS is teh awesome.

  2. I mentioned I put Jar of Fools on the list because I wasn’t aware of the re-issue, which is weird considering its status in the alt-comics world.

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