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Comic Book Resources has the news that Erik Larsen is stepping down as Image publisher, and longtime Executive director Eric Stephenson is replacing him. Why the Erik for Eric switch? Larsen wanted to spend more time doing what he loves most: making his own comics:

I loved the job and it was great fun doing it; we put together some awesome books and there are a ton of cool things in the pipeline that will, frankly, blow your mind. Now that things are on the upswing at Image, I don’t think I’m as needed in that position as I was at one point. There are a number of people who are looking out for Image Comics. I’ll still be one of them and I’ll still be out there actively talking to people about books and recruiting talent. And I share an office with Eric Stephenson, who’ll be taking over for me, so it’s not as though this is going to be some drawn out, awkward learning period for him as he takes over. He was Jim Valentino’s right-hand man when he was in the Publisher’s chair and was my right-hand man when I was in the Publisher’s chair, so he’s certainly up on the company and how it works. And he’s been in and around Image Comics since its inception, going back to working with Rob Liefeld when he had his studio. Eric’s been around, knows the rope, knows what we’re doing and is a hell of a guy. I really think he’s the best guy for the job and I think it would be great if the guys who founded this company spent less time sitting in a chair pushing papers around and more time sitting in a chair pushing art boards around.


  1. Sounds like a smooth transition. I look forward to Erik drawing more. He still did a lot of work even while being the publisher. He colored those jack kirby reprint books and still managed to write, pencil and color Savage Dragon issues. Also he contributed to Popgun anthology.

  2. If this gets Mr. Larsen pushing more art boards around then I think this is a win-win situation for everyone at Image and the readers. Congrats to Mr. Stephenson. It sounds like this is the perfect job for him to move into with his credentials. I look forward to the future of Image.

  3. Larsen did a great job transitioning Image into what is basically an indy (in the aesthetic sense anyway) comics company. Now it will be exciting to see how Stephenson makes the turn into its next phase- he seems like the right guy for the job. Plus, any time an original Image founder can make more books is a good thing for them I think.

  4. I hear a lot of people say they want more SAVAGE DRAGON now, please, so this news should delight them.

    For my part, I’ve really enjoyed the diverse collection of titles that Erik Larsen’s Image publishes — zombies, super-heroes, romantic comedy, war, historic adventures, etc., etc. My only request of the new regime is that it continue in that unpredictable direction.

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