§ Warren Ellis

Went out to dinner with William and Ariana last night at a remote and relatively ancient steakhouse, which was offering dinners-for-two for $39 to celebrate their 39th year in business. Across the road, next to the Des Plaines Chamber Of Commerce, were stores called THE BAREFOOT HAWAIIAN and REBEL’S TROPHYS (sic). The air’s like soup. I stuck my arm out of the window earlier. First, my flesh took on the consistency and moistness of crushed watermelon. And then it caught fire anyway.

§ Alex Robinson

Speaking of which, this afternoon we caught a Cubs game at Wrigley field. For all the talk about the Cubs being great this season it certainly wasn’t in evidence today as the Orioles clobbered them 11-4. Plus, I was sitting next to some coked out Red Sox fan (!!) who would not stop fidgeting like a jerk. Plus, leaving the game, a bird (an oriole, I bet!) shit on my brand new Cubs shirt I bought only hours before! Will this suffering never end??

§ Todd Allen:

The question of whether or not this will be the last Wizard World in Chicago was still a concern on the floor. This wasn’t exactly helped by Wizard having sign-up forms for August 7-9, 2009, which would put the show back in the post-San Diego shadow, next year. Not all publishers I talked to were aware the show was moving back to August. We’ll have to see what happens. Then again, not everyone was aware there was a Horror Convention across the street for the weekend. That one, I’m not going to blame Wizard on. I suspect they had their reservations first. I live in Chicago, and I only heard about the horror show last week, and another local I ran into tonight hadn’t heard about it, so who knows?


  1. Very interesting on the August 7-9 dates. The card I got from a Wizard ad rep at NYCC gave the 2009 Chicago dates as June 25-28.

  2. Ya know, the Cubs can’t even complain properly about their losing streak. When the Red Sox were complaining about not WINNING a World Series since 1918, nobody mentioned that they had been to the series as recently as 1986. The Cubs (of which I am not a fan) have not been to the October classic since 1945, and won it last in 1908. (Something to be proud about… they own the longest drought of ANY major sporting league.)

    Sorry… I know comics and sports don’t mix. If you want to READ a good Cubs story, I recommend Kinsella’s Iowa Baseball Confederacy.

  3. So…the convention is competing against a horror convention, a tattoo convention, and Taste of Chicago. Yeah…genius scheduling…and that doesn’t even get into their own poor planning of schedules in the show itself.

  4. Add to all the bad scheduling the fact it’s NOT EVEN IN CHICAGO.

    It’s in Rosemont, a blasted convention center dominated wasteland. Sadness.

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