TYPHON is coming

Anthologies may not sell, but they sure are fun to read. and here’s another one. Danny Hellman has assembled TYPHON, which he calls “a wide spectrum of what’s possible in comics, from zany, offbeat humor to unnerving existential angst, and on to chilling horror, all of it brought to life with breathtaking, cutting-edge artwork.” A […]

Mike Wieringo scholarship announced

The brother of the late Mike Wieringo has started a scholarship to SCAD in Mike’s name — we can’t imagine a better way to remember a wonderful artist and friend to all. A donation table will be set up at this year’s Heroes Con — more details here. When Mike Wieringo abruptly passed away last […]

2008 Harvey Award nominees

The 2008 Harvey awards are in, and the swell of support for Gemstone’s Disney comics — so evident in other years — has once again resulted in a strong showing for William Van Horn and the Disney ducks. The other big, big winner was Jeff Kinney, the Diary of a Wimpy Kid dude, who was […]

Comics sales down in May

ICv2’s May Sales figures are up and it isn’t all that fab: Sales of periodical comics declined in May for the fourth month in a row posting a 6% drop compared with sales in May of 2007 when, led by the Death of Captain America, some 15 titles sold over 100,000 copies (versus just 7 […]

LAST CALL train heads to Hollywood

Here’s an comics-to-movie story we couldn’t be any happier to report: Universal is developing LAST CALL: Universal has bought the Oni Press graphic novel series “The Last Call” and set it up with Barry Josephson to produce through his eponymous banner. “The Last Call,” written and illustrated by Vasilis Lolos, centers on two teens on […]

Method Man, Dash Shaw sound off on comics

EW spotlights the new Method Man graphic novel and finds out what the rapper thinks of comics: All the miniseries and things of that nature, like Crisis on Infinite Earths, Secret Wars part I and II. That was when comic books were big events. It was real. They didn’t have a bunch of variant covers. […]