Anthologies may not sell, but they sure are fun to read. and here’s another one. Danny Hellman has assembled TYPHON, which he calls “a wide spectrum of what’s possible in comics, from zany, offbeat humor to unnerving existential angst, and on to chilling horror, all of it brought to life with breathtaking, cutting-edge artwork.”

A partial list of TYPHON contributors’ credits reads as follows:
Ken Avidor – (Punk Magazine, Comical Funnies, Stop, Weirdo)
Gregory Benton – (Dirty Stories, DC’s Big Books series, World War Three Illustrated, Project: Telstar)
Rupert Bottenberg – (Cyclope, Real Stuff)
David Chelsea – (David Chelsea in Love)
Victor “Bald Eagles” Cayro – (Kramer’s Ergot, Project: Superior, House of Twelve)
Glenn Head – (Hotwire, Snake Eyes)
Danny Hellman – (DC’s Bizarro World & Big Books series, Last Gasp Comix & Stories)
Tim Lane – (Hotwire)
David Paleo – (House of Twelve, Hotwire)
Pshaw – (St. Ink, Arthur Magazine)
Hans Rickheit – (Kramer’s Ergot, Paper Rodeo, Chrome Fetus Comics

For more info, contact Danny Hellman at [email protected].


  1. hmm, wondering about the cost to buy this one. Cheap or expensive. A lovingly crafted art item or a mass produced magazine for the masses who have amassed the money?

  2. I think this one’s closer for the mass market, meaning you can buy it and afford to eat out that night. Or buy a tank of gas.

    Plus, I’m in this book, so I urge everyone to buy it.

  3. I think we need to re-think the CW on anthologies. I see plenty of them that sell, at least well enough to come back for more (which in comics means it sells). Mome keeps going at Fantagraphics and Hotwire got a 2nd volume. Flight and Little Lit are successful enough to keep returning. Robot keeps coming. Popgun has a 2nd volume. Negative Burn is getting up there in numbers even after Desperado split from Image. Heck, Danny’s Legal Action Comics fundraiser effort had at least 2- didn’t it make it to 3? So, can we please bury the anthologies don’t sell bit yet?

  4. I got this at MoCCa. It’s worth the money. Actually, the Victor Cayro story alone makes it worth the money, but there is plenty good going on in TYPHON.

    A very wide sampling of what’s bubbling just below the surface in the alt comics scene. Good luck Hellman. BTW, is this going to be available through Diamond or a bookstore distributor? So far I’ve only heard through Last Gasp.

  5. TYPHON will retail for $24.95, which I think is a reasonable price for a 192 page full color book. The TYPHON shipment is due to arrive midday Monday, (JUNE 22), and it’ll be available soon through Diamond, Last Gasp, and other distros. In addition to that, I’m posting a page on my site with a PayPal button this weekend, so if you’re looking to buy TYPHON, please check out http://www.dannyhellman.com/ on Monday or thereafter.