The Nightmare Factory II

Finally it can be revealed! Secret Project #1! Once in a while I hope I can be allowed a wee bit of hype here, and so here we go: One of the reasons I’ve ve been so mad crazy over the last 8 weeks or so was because we’ve been putting together a sequel to […]

Ellis/Hamner’s RED to film

THR reports on DC Comics’ Red getting big-screen treatment. It’s based on the Warren Ellis/Cully Hamner 3-issue mini of a few years agp and very significantly, it is being developed by indie studio Summit Entertainment NOT Warner Bros., although DC”s Gregory Noveck will serve as exec producer. Ellis follows up with his own comments: For […]

Planet Hulk direct to DVD?

Our good friend Nomad braved the security at the Marvel Booth at the Licensing Show to eke out news of all Marvel’s new animated projects: Hulk: Gamma Corps:: Set to hit in 2009, provided the movie does the numbers required. Remember, there was a series planned the last time a Hulk movie hit and it […]

LINKS: Round ’em up (snap!) RAWHIDE

§ Over at i09, Charle Jane Anders (aided and abetted by Douglas Wolk) has a very lengthy and girthy round up of Superheroes Who Can’t Have Sex including two from this summer’s movies: Okay, now that you’ve consented to be spoiled, our two abstinent heroes are the Hulk and Hancock. Actually, in the case of […]

Revamping characters fraught with peril

§ The NYT looks at new spins on old characters in the 21st Century including some we may not necessarily find palatable: “You want a dark, Goth version of Tweety Bird? Have at it,” said Lisa Gregorian, executive vice president for worldwide marketing at Warner Brothers Television. New media applications have created opportunities that companies […]