Imrahil, Imrahil!

As previously mentioned, at last weekend’s BEA we ran into dear Mariah Huehner, who is one of the few people we know who is just a geeky about THE LORD OF THE RINGS books as The Beat is. As we caught up we speculated on the “Second Hobbit” movie, and what might be contained in it. After a few moments of conversation it was narrowed down to “Imrahil” and “Radagast.”

Imrahil, Prince of Dol Amroth was actually cut from RETURN OF THE KING, denying us the chance to see another hunky Elf-blooded warrior walking side by side with Aragorn and Eomer to defeat evil. However, no such problem lies with HOBBIT TWO–sure Imrahil may have been a little young, but he surely went adventuring with Aragorn in Gondor and was involved with other White Council-ly duties.

Mariah and The Beat set upon the idea of spearheading some kind of Imrahil fan club and making sure he appears in HOBBIT TWO. Now no sooner had we joked about this than we happened to run into an artist pal of ours who mentions he may be going down to New Zealand soon to work on the two Hobbit films. SCORE! We immediately called Mariah over and we started yelling “Imrahil!” and “Radagast!” over and over, with a little bit of  “Glorfindel!” thrown in for good measure.

Now we doubt sincerely that our pal will be able to swing the Imrahil/Radagast business by himself. However, we expect that even now word is reaching Peter Jackson and Guillermo del Toro: Imrahil or bust! Just do the right thing, gents, that’s all we ask.


Sorry for all the horrible typos yesterday. Our horrible internet connection, pressing appointments and an interface with tiny type all conspired against us. Hopefully things are better today.

However, it’s yet another travel day here, as we wend our way back to Stately Beat Manor. So, normal posting will resume TOMORROW, at long last!