Sorry for all the horrible typos yesterday. Our horrible internet connection, pressing appointments and an interface with tiny type all conspired against us. Hopefully things are better today.

However, it’s yet another travel day here, as we wend our way back to Stately Beat Manor. So, normal posting will resume TOMORROW, at long last!



  1. One of my jobs as Helper Monkey is supposd to fix THE BEAT’s typos. But, I got swamped at work and only glanced at the site during the day. And the Stanley Cup Final went into OT and I lost track of everything else.

  2. Just out of curiosity, who is “we”? Are there other bloggers on this blog? I always hear “we”, i had thought it was only Heidi doing this blog, no?

  3. Speaking of which, check out the post on the Blog Flume about all of the problems in glamourpuss. I though Sim cared about this kind of stuff.