Initial Final Crisis at EW

EW scoops the comics world with a First Look at Darkseid AND a 5-page preview of FINAL CRISIS. EW still hasn’t figured out how to resize pages large enough to read, so they included Grant Morrison’s script. We would be lying if we didn’t say we wanted to read this.

Liberty Comics

Scott Dunbier alerts us to Liberty , an all star CBLDF benefit book he edited: Stories by:Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips provide a CRIMINAL taleGarth Ennis & Darick Robertson bring us THE BOYSMark Millar & John Paul Leon give us their take on DRACULADarwyn Cooke delivers something entirely newMark Evanier & Sergio Aragones take us […]

Comics on Comics

Blair Marnell writes to tell of of a new West Coast comedy/comics talk show called Comics on Comics — the set-up will sounds familiar to anyone who’s ever been to The Comic Book Club here in NYC which has an identical format, but a West coast version would be a natural — three comedians and […]


Jim Woodring and Paul Di Fillipo team for an illustrated novelette: COSMOCOPIA, a brand-new novelette by award-winning science fiction and horror author Di Fillipo is about to be published by Payseur and Schmidt in an innovative deluxe edition that will have you cabin-bound with suspense. That’s a promise! And as the French say, “‘Allo; I […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits 5/7/08

§ Mark Evanier discovers the New Yorker tributing/ripping off Jack Kirby in their cartoon contest. § Strange Adventures in New Brunswick, Canada had a flood on FCBD but they are trying again. § Matt Fraction is closing down his forum. § Million Dollar Idea is a new online novel by Gerard Jones and Will Jacobs, […]

Comics and the fashion, one more time

The comics and fashion seem to be the hot topic this week, so we’ll round up some more links. ITEM! Paul Levitz writes about the Superhero show at the Met and answers a question I had sought the answer to: When I walked into the Met yesterday morning, it was under the gaze of a […]

Tinsel Town Round-up

¶ Online chatter about Frank Miller’s adaptation of THE SPIRIT has been a bit harsh but apparently Lionsgate is high on it. While the movie was previously planned to be released in the cinematic no man’s land of January, it’s been moved up to a Christmas Day release. Of the move, Lionsgate president of theatrical […]

This time we mean it

If you’ve been noticing the paucity of Beat posting of late, you’re not imagining it. We said we were busy and we meant it, alas. All those secret projects. We’re not out of the woods yet, either. Luckily hardly anything is going on! Or is that just because we never read our email any more? […]