Graphic Novels: Not just for breakfast any more

We were a little late to this morning’s Graphic Novels Breakfast, but got there in time to see Art Spiegelman deliver an entertaining slideshow on the history of graphic novels and his own history with the form. Jeff Smith moderated and Jeph Loeb and Mike Mignola contributed their own observations. As Spiegelman pointed out, it’s […]

BEA: Graphic Novel Buzz

We’ve never experienced “buzz” so literally in re: graphic novels as at this year’s BEA in Los Angeles. Well be standing there stealing totes from a booth and we’ll overhear “And this is our new graphic novel…” from some earnest booth worker at a book publisher who never published GNs before. As opposed to the […]


Our primitive PC gear isn’t letting us post at the moment. We advise going to my Twitter account , where we’ll be updating from the show floor.

LOST: It’s Just a Jump to the Left

Who’s alive? Who’s dead? Who might be dead? Who’s dead but still appeared in tonight’s episode? Let’s get to it. SPOILERS, of course…

Titan to publish Simon

Titan announces some new properties concerning Golden Age legend Joe Simon.   Titan Publishing Group Ltd. has announced the acquisition of worldwide rights to a range of books celebrating the work of Golden Age comics legend, Joe Simon, co-creator of Captain America. Throughout his career, Simon pioneered every aspect of the industry, from writing to […]

Rants and raves

I usually don’t do “and then I left for the airport” trip reports because, let’s face it, everyone has travel travails. Maybe I am just an old fart, but my trip thus far has been marked by breakdowns of service and civility that are annoying and, taken as a whole, alarming. Consider this an ode, […]

LOST: Season Finale Pre-Hash

Don’t forget, people: Set those DVRs for an extra hour (or two). Tonight’s season finale starts at 9 ET. And they are replaying the part of the finale at 8 ET, which contains extra footage from the press conference. We’re supposed to get some answers to some big questions tonight (like who’s in the coffin […]

Tokyopop: the other side

Well, now that the moral outrage has subsided a bit, other folks are coming out to say that the Tokyopop Pilot Program pact isn’t that bad.Editors Paul Morrissey and Hope Donovan speak in a press release which manages to both be written in standard English and make some vital points that did not come across […]

Hitting the road

We’re off to LA for the BEA and we’re going to have limited online time due to being forced to hit the road wit h primitive equipment — long story. We will say that we HAVE seen the first two episodes of Season # of the Venture Brothers — long story — and the first […]

Zappa, Katleman, Beranek and Disney team for graphic novels

What the–nearly 15 years after the in-house Disney Comics imprint died an inglorious death, Disney has just announced a NEW graphic novel pact, with Ahmet Zappa, Harris Katleman and Christian Beranek. Zappa is a long time comics fan who’s been hanging around the scene for years. Katleman is a TV exec vet from Twentieth. Beranek […]

Tokyopop: Hey, dude, totally bad contract!

UPDATE: Check out Johanna’s list of Tokyopop’s greatest mistakes over the past two years: The reviews are in! And Tokyopop’s online contract for the new “Manga Pilot” program has been dubbed everything from “appalling” to “vile” to “the most childish and disingenuous legal document I have ever read.” What is it? Basically, Tokyopop has started […]

2008 Manning Award nominees

PR: Comic-Con, the nation’s largest comic book and popular arts convention, announces this year’s nominees for the Russ Manning Promising Newcomer Award (or The Manning Award as it is more commonly referred). The Manning award has been given out annually at the San Diego Comic-Con since 1982. It is presented to a comics artist who, […]


A new still from THE WATCHMEN has been released shwing the older “Minutemen” superteam. Check out Carla Gugino – va-va-voom!

2008 Reuben Winners

As previusly announced Al Jaffee (Above) won THE Reuben, but many other awards were given out over the weekend: Newspaper Panel: Chad Carpenter Edtorial cartoons: Bill Schorr Newspaper Strips Award: Jim Meddick Advertising Illustration Award: Tom Richmond Book Illustration Award: Sandra Boynton Newspaper Illustration Award: Sean Kelly Animation Feature Award: David Silverman, THE SIMPSONS MOVIE […]

Shuster Award Hall of Fame winners announced

Stanley Berneche, John Byrne, Pierre Fournier and Edwin R. “Ted” McCall have been annoucned as the 2008 inductees into the Canadian Comic Book Creator Hall of Fame. Canada’s first national award recognizing outstanding achievements by Canadian creators in the creation and publication of comic books and graphic novels returns in 2008 for it’s fourth year: […]


Well, it’s not enough that comic book movies have saved the box office, now they are saving the DVD business, which fell 3.2% last year to a mere $15.9 billion. How? Well, using Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, of course. According to the NY Times, Warner is trying a bold new tactic in conjunction with […]