200805290324We’re off to LA for the BEA and we’re going to have limited online time due to being forced to hit the road wit
h primitive equipment — long story. We will say that we HAVE seen the first two episodes of Season # of the Venture Brothers — long story — and the first episode is definitely going to shake the fans up.

Very limited blogging for now, alas. GO read Tom, [email protected] and Dirk in the meantime.


  1. Have a good time Heidi!
    Yo, who would have gotten this trivia question wrong:
    “Was The Thing ever a member of the West Coast Avengers?”
    I would have! And I have that issue. Man.
    Hey, who remembers the awesome crossover where they are all playing softball and Thanos kills everyone right after Thor hits the ball through the dome using his hammer?
    That was so great. I read that issue a thousand times.

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