New Ditko book

It’s one of the erroneous assumptions of comics that Steve Ditko is a crazy old coot who doesn’t draw comics anymore. While it is true he doesn’t draw SPIDER-MAN comics any more, aparently he toils away in his studios still working on new projects, and even the odd freelance job here and there. He is […]

R.I.P. Rob Maisch

ComicMix reports the death of writer Rob Maisch: Rob Maisch, the extraordinary raconteur who wrote 1995’s Harvey and Eisner nominated “Confessions of a Cereal Eater,” published by NBM and illustrated by Rob’s friends, Bo Hampton and Scott Hampton, Rand Holmes and Sandy Plunkett, died this week unexpectedly of cardiac problems in Copley, Ohio. According to […]

Comics in Cambodia

Time Online profiles Cambodian cartoonist Ing Phousera or Séra as he is known: Growing up in Phnom Penh between the worlds of his French mother and Khmer father, Séra routinely escaped into the pages of French comics, and again as a young refugee in Paris. Now the author of a dozen graphic novels — three […]

How DO women do it?

Follow up: Colleen Doran on her panel-mate: PS: I’m sorry, I can’t help myself…”constantly blowing us away with the most outrageous and provocative titles?” Yes, I used to do Power Pack and Louise [Simonson] created it. Utterly over the top. Left ‘em panting in the ailes. Good lord, this panel is like some kind of […]

Official SPIRIT stuff

We’re still a little verklempt over the whole leaked-Spirit-photos thing and getting our very first studio cease and desist letter. Luckily, IGN has the first OFFICIAL Spirit stills a photo of Samuel L. Jackson as the Octopus and ScarJo as, yes, a sexy nurse. Things on the SPIRIT movie front are definitely heating up, with […]

Marvel: Bad news and good news

Some mixed messages for Marvel’s next two films — both of them from the newly launched Marvel Studios. First, the New York Times rounds up what everyone has been whispering for some time: THE INCREDIBLE HULK movie may be more of a tantrum than a rampage: Bad buzz. Creative infighting. Superhero gridlock at the multiplex. […]

Korean coffee not cutting it

We’ve been trying to ween ourselves off the Vinacafe Vietnamese Instant Coffee here at SBM, but the other day we were at the Korean market and spotted some hazelnut instant coffee packs and thought we would give it a whirl. The difference between the brews is startling. The Korean mix is a pleasant, milky beverage, […]