It’s one of the erroneous assumptions of comics that Steve Ditko is a crazy old coot who doesn’t draw comics anymore. While it is true he doesn’t draw SPIDER-MAN comics any more, aparently he toils away in his studios still working on new projects, and even the odd freelance job here and there. He is even in contact with contemporary cartoonists. And what do you know, there is indeed a new book by Steve Ditko out:

Steve Ditko’s first new book in 8 years is available now (if you discount the 2002 “Avenging World” compilation that was filled with old articles and artwork)! It is 48 pages and costs $4.95. We’ll be housing all the details here.

Ordering Information
This week’s April issue of the small-press fanzine, The Comics (put out monthly by Robin Snyder, Ditko’s co-publisher when he put out his last original book, Steve Ditko’s 176-Page Heroes Package in 2000, and the above-mentioned 2002 compilation) has the following details…

Now Available for $4.95 + 1.55 P&H in US. S&H, 4.05 in Europe

to: Robin Snyder 3745 Canterbury Lane #81, Bellingham, WA 98225-1186

Blake Bell conjectures the contents may be an updated version of essays that originally appeared in The Comics that labeled him and Gary Groth as Anti-Ditko “based on the title and cover image of our book on his career, (then-titled) Steve Ditko: The Mysterious Traveler (now retitled Strange and Stranger: The World of Steve Ditko).”

Those wishing for a copy should contact Snyder directly.


  1. For those of us who live in Europe, is there some other way to get the new Ditko book? Via Diamond and Previews perhaps?

  2. I read that Steve Ditko turned down a deal to work with Frank Miller. That’s too bad because I like both of their works. I can’t speak for the potential market of such a project , only that I know I would have bought it given the chance.