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Time Online profiles Cambodian cartoonist Ing Phousera or Séra as he is known:

Growing up in Phnom Penh between the worlds of his French mother and Khmer father, Séra routinely escaped into the pages of French comics, and again as a young refugee in Paris. Now the author of a dozen graphic novels — three of which have been about Cambodia’s war years — he is working to rekindle Cambodia’s interest in the art form. Since his debut showing in Phnom Penh, he has been regularly returning to the city of his boyhood to hold workshops for aspiring illustrators. “It’s important to try to approach the reality of our times,” he says. “This is a media that only needs a pen and paper to express something.” He is also helping to publish the nation’s first anthology of up-and-coming comic-book artists, (Re)géné Rations: The New Khmer Graphic Novel, due in June. In so doing, Séra and his collaborators are blowing the dust off a subculture that has endured decades of neglect.

Above, a french edition of one of Séra’s graphic novels.