Brave & the Bold: This is the way it is

When Marc Oliver Frisch asked why Brave and the Bold by Mark Waid and George Perez had been sliding in sales, it seemed to touch a nerve, and Graeme at Blogorama kept the ball in play. Surely Waid and Perez were fan favorites? (Perez has left the book, but Waid continues on.) Shouldn’t such a […]

Levitz blogs, part 2

Over at Blogorama, Paul Levitz is answering reader questions. He can’t answer all reader questions. But he read them. There’s no way to answer everybody’s questions and still do my day job, and I trust the collective web will understand if I skip the questions that ask us to plead guilty before we can answer, […]

June 1st we laugh once more

After a long radio silence, Jackson Publick runs an update on Venture Bros. Season 3 and confirms that the new season will debut on June 1st, 2008. Can we hold out that long? Can it really have been a long, long 20 months since we saw the Venture Brothers? ALMOST TWO YEARS???? It can. He […]

Even More on Wertham

Jeet Heer examines both side of the Wertham legacy in a piece in Slate. So, who is right, Hajdu or Beaty? Did Wertham have a point? Beaty’s revisionism is valuable in forcing us to see Wertham as a complex historical figure, not an easy-to-dismiss cardboard crank. Still, Hajdu is right to point out that Wertham’s […]

George’s attorney seeks directed verdict

Following Michael George‘s conviction last month of the 1990 murder of his wife, his attorney, Carl Marlinga, has asked for an acquittal based on the “flimsy” evidence presented during the trial. Marlinga asked for this directed verdict during the trial but was denied. But Marlinga has renewed the request in the wake of the conviction. […]

The many faces of Edgar Allan Poe

Golden Age Comic Book Stories has been spotlighting Poe with all kinds of incredible artwork and a few comics stories. The Black Cat (1843) by Berni Wrightson fromCreepy #62 ~ May/1974 Berenice (by Archie Goodwin and Jerry Grandenetti from Eerie #11 ~ Sept/1967 The Cask of Amontillado! by Archie Goodwin and Reed Crandall from Creepy […]

Stan and Hiroyuki Takei announce team up

Stan Lee really is EVERYWHERE. Details of ULTIMO, his manga collaboration with Shamen King creator Hiroyuki Takei will be announced at New York Comic-Con. The announcement will be press only, although some fans can win seats at the panel. The series debuts the same day, April 18th, with a 32 page prologue in the first […]

Batman: the Brave and the Bold toon on the way

At their upfronts yesterday, the Cartoon network revealed a new Batman cartoon called Batman: The Brave and the Bold for the 2008-09 season: Few details of the new Batman series were unveiled with the announcement. The show will carry on the Dark Knight’s crime-fighting crusade following the recent series finale of the Emmy-winning The Batman.

Spirit Outdoor Posters

Several sites, including debuted a new series of outdoor artwork for THE SPIRIT movie which opens January 16, 2009. In case you forgot, this movie is being directed by Frank Miller, and it may just look a little bit like the Sin City movie. Bonus: note this web address: Technorati Tags: Frank Miller