Several sites, including ComingSoon.net debuted a new series of outdoor artwork for THE SPIRIT movie which opens January 16, 2009. In case you forgot, this movie is being directed by Frank Miller, and it may just look a little bit like the Sin City movie. Bonus: note this web address: MyCityScreams.com.

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  1. I’m confident it will be an interesting movie, whether or not it’s what I would expect from a movie of The Spirit.

    And at this point, I’m just happy that the posters aren’t using Comic Sans as a font, after the Sin CIty posters…

  2. Didn’t Lionsgate sign him up for 2 sequels because they were so pleased with how the first one turned out? Lionsgate is sequel happy –as in Saw.

  3. What’s that white splatter in the back? The same one they’ve used for Miller’s other two movie posters* or did someone throw a water balloon at Deeny Colt’s neck?

    * And 30 Days of Night.

  4. What a relief. The teaser poster unveiled a few months ago was such an eyesore. I don’t have a problem with Miller’s art being used but I hope he’ll try to incorporate Eisner’s own style into it. This is a step in the right direction.

  5. I agree with the other reader that they should have used Eisner’s ART instead of Miller’s artwork. But, this poster is way better & let’s all hope the movie is good too because The Spirit is such a classic character.

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    Thanks, Tommy