Make hay while the Skrull shines UPDATE

UPDATE: well, whaddaya know, someone purporting to be Marvel-b0y is back. (Thanks TY for the link.) Was Marvel rattled by the Marvel–b0y saga? Or did they seize on all the confusion over the now-banned blogger to run with it? Read the following press release and you decide! The Skrulls Have Invaded The Marvel Offices! For […]

RIP: Raymond LeBlanc

Belgian comics publisher Raymond LeBlanc (above left, with Hergé) died on March 21 at age 92. Best known as the publisher who gave Tintin a home after World War II, he was also a real life hero, if such a phrase can have any meaning. A member of the Resistance during the war, he later […]

South Park Studios launches

You say you would like a site with streaming video of every South Park episode ever? M-kay. South Park Studios has launched. And you can search and embed clips. Like this one, in which the valiant Lesbos take on the Persians. Oh hell…one more… LEMMIWINKS!

Scott Pilgrim update update

Bryan Lee O’Malley was sort of non-plussed by all the news reports about the Scott Pilgrim movie last week The Hollywood Reporter prints a story hastily sent in by someone’s publicist. Nobody fact-checks anything. The rest of the internet / world hastily copies the facts in the article into their own hastily-published articles. It’s amazing! […]

Colorful Nancy

Nancy, the comic strip beloved of ontologists every where, will be appearing in color starting Monday, E&P reports. The strip is currently drawn by Guy Gilchrist. In the first color strip, Nancy will start a new activity — karate. “I’m into the martial arts myself, and have seen how empowering it is to girls, boys, […]


We ran across this picture of the late Dave Stevens and pal on our internet patrol and it was too cute not to share. One of our big regrets in life is not buying that Bulldog Cafe cookie jar when we had the chance. Technorati Tags: Dave Stevens, puppy

So you wanna break into comics…

Tony Lee’s He’s Only A Writer column at Comics Bulletin surveys a bunch of folks, including Lee Nordling, Andy Schmidt, Rob Levin, Joshua Hale Fialkov, Keith Giffen, Andrew Foley and even (gasp) The Beat on pitching and how to convey yourself during the long, grueling task of selling yourself as a writer: [Nordling]: Ask for […]

Short Takes 3/25

§ Matt Madden reports on the eerie fate of Sof’ Boy!! § Len Wein reacts to his nomination for the Eisner Awards Hall of Fame: What fascinates (and, I must admit, terrifies) me most about my nomination is that I’m nominated for the Hall of Fame, which either means that I’m being recognized for my […]

Jackman and Guggenheim are Virginized

Now here is the interview we have been waiting for! Hugh Jackman and Marc Guggenheim are teaming up on the latest Virgin Comics panel-to-screen project, Nowhere Man. Is it about a guy who doesn’t have a point of view and knows not where he’s going to? Not really, but he may be just a bit […]