We’ve been tinkering with our blogging set-up a bit. Ecto 3 still doesn’t cut it for features, so we’re still using the now unsupported but still peerless Ecto 2. But we’ve discovered that we can now clip via Google notebook and import the html via Google Docs. It adds a bit of unnecessary code as far as we’re concerned (we blog in html mode not rich text) but seems clean enough and adds a bit of flexibility that the promising but still weak Scribefire doesn’t. Does this mean that Google is learning more and more of our precious secrets? Absolutely.

Now if only we could perfect that drag and drop calendar technique we’ve been tinkering with. We really love our blogging shortcuts and timesavers. This may look easy but blogging with a cat on your lap and a show about catching giant alligator gars on the TV means we need all the help we can get.

If any of the above actually interests you, you are truly a wonk.

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