Bryan Lee O’Malley was sort of non-plussed by all the news reports about the Scott Pilgrim movie last week

The Hollywood Reporter prints a story hastily sent in by someone’s publicist. Nobody fact-checks anything. The rest of the internet / world hastily copies the facts in the article into their own hastily-published articles. It’s amazing!

Anyway, I can “confirm” that Michael Cera is going to play Scott Pilgrim in this movie adaptation.

It is not called “Scott Pilgrim’s Little Life”, as the whole internet has been saying. Gee, I wonder why they took out “precious”, the internet wonders? Maybe because some idiot made an error while filing the story? No, couldn’t be. There must be some deeper meaning.

It isn’t even called Precious Little Life, but I defer to the film’s creators as to when and how they want to make their announcements.

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