‘Tooners now “brashly confident avatars of cool.”

Dear friends, The Beat has been blogging for nigh on four years now, and when we began, our goal was to put comics culture into the context of real world culture, and make cartoonists feel good about themselves by treating the medium as a place of ideas and influence, not the island of misfit toys. […]

Borders on the block?

Jim Milliot at Publishers weekly is reporting that the Borders book chain has hired J.P. Morgan and Merrill Lynch to help them look into a possible sale in order to get more cash to move forward with restructing. CEO George Jones said that given the tight credit market it was becoming expensive, and at times […]

Publick, Hammer at NYCC

Tons o’ guests have been recently announced for this year’s New York Comic-Con, including Gail Simone, Orson Scott Card and now =…the Venture Bros. crew of Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer will be on hand. REMINDER: ONLY THREE MONTHS TO GO! Season 3 debuts this June. It’s been a long lonely year (!) without the […]

More Scott PIlgrim/O’Malley news

§ First off, Bryan Lee O’Malley will be appearing this Saturday at Meltdown in LA. Hope Larson will also be lurking. § NEXT, Alex Zalben has a review of the SCOTT PILGRIM movie script! There’s spoilers here, not just for the movie version, but for the books as well. Because, at least in the draft […]


More Jacob Covey-designed goodness! The cover to Dash Shaw’s upcoming BOTTOMLESS BELLY BUTTON.

Awesome BEAST-y goodness

BEASTS art director Jacob Covey has linked to a Flickr page of submissions for his open call and the results are super tasty. Above, Mario Trigo.


Another one of those annual local small press comics fests approacheth, this time Athens, GA’s FLUKE! Details below. This year’s FLUKE Mini-Comics Festival , sponsored by Bizarro Wuxtry, Flagpole Magazine, Inch-High Button Guy, Top Shelf Productions and Wide Awake Press, will take place on Saturday, April 12 at Tasty World on 312 E. Broad Street, […]

Cool Stuf: GUTSVILLE #!

Newsarama has the complete issues of GUTSVILLE #1 up for you to read — and you should. The demented offspring of creators Simon Spurrier and Frazer Irving, it’s the wild tale of a community that lives inside a giant whale. Issue #3 just hit the stands.

Superior Showcase #3 announced

AdHouse announces Superior Showcase #3, an anthology of three damned fine cartoonists, and THE RETURN OF STREET ANGEL!!! This issue explodes with the uber-talents of team STREET ANGEL aka Bodacious Brian Maruca & Jazzy Jim Rugg. (This is the first STREET ANGEL story in years!) Debuting the work of Dandy Dustin Harbin. And last but […]

D&Q: Breakin’ the law

If you were going to pick on an indie comics company as a scofflaw, Montreal’s ultra-civilized Drawn & Quarterly would be the last one you would suspect. But you would be wrong. In bi-lingual Canada, the award-winning publisher has been visited by the language police for failing to have a sign in both English and […]

Bin Laden doesn’t like cartoons

On the fifth anniversary of the start of America’s dumbest war ever, Public Enemy #1 Osama bin Laden reportedly dissed the Mohammed cartoons in one of those messages he periodically releases. In the message, addressed to the ‘intelligent ones’ in the European Union, bin Laden said that publishing the ‘insulting drawings’ was a greater crime […]

Linkie winkins 3/20

Many many things which we had stored up or emailed to us which we have been meaning to tell you about. § Douglas Wolk has a new link blog. We’re already stealing from it. § We were talking about con fatigue the other day and unbeknownst to us, Shaenon K. Garrity had already covered it […]

Cartoon is appointed ambassador for Japan

Lovable toon robot cat DORAEMON has been appointed Japan’s cartoon ambassador! Foreign Minister Masahiko Komura appointed the cat an “anime ambassador,” handing a human-sized Doraemon doll an official certificate at an inauguration ceremony, along with dozens of “dorayaki” red bean pancakes — his favorite dessert — piled on a huge plate. Komura told the doll, […]

French toon movie news

• The English language version of the PERSEPOLIS animated film will be released on April 11. This version features the voices of Chiara Mastroianni as Marjane; Sean Penn as Marjane’s father, Ebi; Catherine Deneuve as Marjane’s mother, Tadji; Gena Rowlands as Marjane’s grandmother; Iggy Pop as Uncle Anouche; and Amethyste Frezignac as young Marjane. It […]

We made it again

How is it possible? The heroine emerges from the underworld every time, no matter what the odds. Hail, Persephone. Note: Persephone not actually shown above. Results may vary.