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§ First off, Bryan Lee O’Malley will be appearing this Saturday at Meltdown in LA. Hope Larson will also be lurking.

§ NEXT, Alex Zalben has a review of the SCOTT PILGRIM movie script!

There’s spoilers here, not just for the movie version, but for the books as well. Because, at least in the draft I read, the movie covers every single book. That’s right. This isn’t the first book in the series, adapted into one movie Chronicles of Narnia style. You’re not going to get six (or seven) Scott Pilgrim movies, at least none that are based on the series of books O’Malley is in the process of writing. This is all of the books, packed into one two hour film.

§ FInally, Matthew Pack writes to tell us that O’Malley will be appearing on the Public Radio International show FAIR GAME tonight. The show will be available at the link.

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  1. Hope wasn’t lurking, she was sitting next to Bryan, and she happily signed copies of Salamander Dream and Gray Horses.

    James Lucas Jones, on the other hand, was indeed lurking.

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