On the fifth anniversary of the start of America’s dumbest war ever, Public Enemy #1 Osama bin Laden reportedly dissed the Mohammed cartoons in one of those messages he periodically releases.

In the message, addressed to the ‘intelligent ones’ in the European Union, bin Laden said that publishing the ‘insulting drawings’ was a greater crime than Western forces targeting Muslim villages and killing women and children.

And the ‘reckoning for it will be more severe,’ he said, according to a transcript of the message provided by the Virginia-based IntelCenter.

Referring to a series of cartoons published in Danish newspapers, the Al-Qaeda leader also warned: ‘if there is no check on the freedom of your words, then let your hearts be open to the freedom of our actions.’

We’ve got to hand it to the big cheese of Al Qaeda, he’s on the right track here. Publishing cartoons IS a far worse crime than killing women and children. You can kill a man (or woman or child) but you can’t kill an idea.

Let freedom ring.


  1. RIGHT ON, Sister!!!!
    The pen being mightier than the sword and all that.

    “…let your hearts be open to the freedom of our actions.”

    Perhaps Bin-Laden sees himself like Jack Nicholson’s Joker in Tim Burton’s first Batman movie,…some sort of conceptual “homicidal” artist. Killing people may be his form of expression.
    Which, of course, would make George Bush Jr. the DaVinci of death at this point.

  2. There has been some question as to whether this message is of recent vintage, or a recording dating back to the original publication of the Killer Mohammad Cartoons a couple of years ago. The message was audio-only, and had no specific date or recent-events reference.

  3. sadly, it’s not just him.

    I won’t identify the poster, but I’ve had some convo with someone on CBR about this. And he is apparently a fundamental Islamist who shares similar ideas. For him it was abhorrent for how people made pictures about ‘real’ people and creatures. I asked him why he was on CBR, a comic book forum, he said that he read the comics only for their stories. I, of course, was baffled. He seriously believed that someone who drew pictures of things he considered inappropriate should be severly punished, irl. People like that baffle me.

    And yes, this person is living the U.S., having ‘adopted’ his new Islamic faith.

  4. michael that’s a good thumbnail of the myopic view of some of their thinking. Like when that guy killed Theo van Gogh for detailing the abuses of muslim women. Or when the Pope cited a quote about rationalty of violence through religion in some speech and it happened to include Islam. It was an off handed quote, so some Islamist did what? That’s right, killed some nuns. Cuz that’ll prove what exactly? Suppression of ideals and art is wrong. Killing to intimidate those who express themselves is reeeeaaallly wrong.

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