Michael George found guilty

A jury has found Michael George guilty in the slaying of his wife 17 years ago. George was accused of shooting his wife, Barbara, in the head on July 13, 1990, and making the crime look like a robbery. The jury found George guilty of first-degree murder, felony firearm, insurance fraud and obtaining money from […]

SPLAT! was all that

We’re working on a longer write-up of SPLAT, this past weekend’s Graphic Novel Symposium, for PW Comics Week, but just a quick note to say that it was a fun day for all involved. The atmosphere at The New York Center for Independent Publishing–soaring skylights, ancients banners, hardwood card catalogs — definitely contributed to the […]

Wizard World LA news

A VERY quick, doubtless incomplete round-up of stuff announced at this weekend’s Wizard World: If we missed something let us know. • There will be a “Who Do You Trust” one-shot leading into the whole Skrull take over story line. (Art via Marvel.com) • Joe Kelly is the writer leaving DC and going back to […]

Michael George jury deliberates

Prosecution and defense have rested, closing arguments have been made. It’s up to the jury to decide whether retailer/convention organizer Michael George killed his wife 18 years ago. The DA has argued that only George had the motive and opportunity, and that there was no robbery, as claimed. The defense has countered by pointing out […]

Blog roll: Canadians, blaxploitation

Don MacPherson talks about DC’s decision to print only one price on its comics for the US and Canada. The move has made Canadian retailers unhappy. So DC’s announcement, though incredibly late, is welcome news for retailers and customers, yes? Well, not really. The manager at my local comic shop, for example, is annoyed at […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits 3/17

§ Bookforum spotlights GRAPHIC NOVELS, the hottest thing going! — Chris Ware on Rodolphe Topffer — J. Hoberman on Kirby (Actualy link is wrong. Anyone got the correct one?) —Nicole Rudick on Rocketship § Larry Young write to remind us it’s the 9th anniversary of the release ASTRONAUTS IN TROUBLE: LIVE FROM THE MOON #1, […]

Morning Studio Briefs: Speed, Tintin, etc etc

ITEM! Fox heard ka-ching when the animated HORTON HEARS A WHO slew at the box office this weekend. It’s $45.1 million opening weekend was the biggest this year thus far and restored studio faith in both G-rated CGI films and Dr. Suess. The movie was produced by Blue Sky. ITEM! Will Jim Sturgess, an English […]

Begorrah! Where’s me shilelagh?

Hm, how does one celebrate St. Paddy’s Day in comics book terms? Apparently Banshee (Sean Cassidy) no longer has a green costume so that kinda sucks. The CBR forum discusses Irish superheroes. A video of Irish writer Garth Ennis (and Darick Robertson…with Laura Hudson!) The Dublin City Comic-Con’s Myspace Page. No word on whether there […]