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A VERY quick, doubtless incomplete round-up of stuff announced at this weekend’s Wizard World: If we missed something let us know.

There will be a “Who Do You Trust” one-shot leading into the whole Skrull take over story line. (Art via Marvel.com)

Joe Kelly is the writer leaving DC and going back to Marvel, as teased in LITG—he’ll be joining the Amazing Spider-Man team.

Frank Miller’s RONIN is getting the Absolute treatment.

All-Star Batgirl is on hold; Geoff Johns and JG Jones are no longer on the book because they have far bigger fish to fry (saving and Final crisising the DCU, respectively) and a new team is being sought.

Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale are reuniting for a six-issue miniseries Captain America: White. The duo are interviewed in the link.

Matt Fraction joins Ed Brubaker on Uncanny X-Men as of issue #500, when artist Greg Land also climbs aboard the mutant express.

In addition to writing SUPERMAN, James Robinson is launching a new JLA book called JUSTICE LEAGUE.

“Hal Jordan decides that he wants a pro-active team,” said Robinson. “They never go out and bring in people. This team will go after the equivalent of the FBI’s most wanted list, sometimes in different countries, sometimes through time. It’s a nice eclectic team of established teams and some oddball characters I’ve thrown in.” Along with Hal Jordan, Robinson named Green Arrow as a member. When writing the two characters, Robinson said “I just imagine me and Geoff Johns talking to each other.”

Terry Dodson is now exclusive to Marvel, completing the move from DC. (One guesses his wife/inker Rachel Dodson is moving as well, although that wasn’t mentioned specifically.) He’ll be working on X-man…hm wasn’t Greg Land working on X-men…does any of this make sense? Oh they’re SHARING he art.

Squadron Supreme gets a new series written by Howard Chaykin illustrated by Marco Turini, and edited by John Barber. It will NOT be a MAX series.

Rich Corben at Marvel

With 2006’s “Haunt of Horror: Edgar Allan Poe,” legendary artist Richard Corben reimagined some of the visionary writer’s classic tales of terror. In June 2008, Corben will turn his eye to the stories of another renowned and highly influential horror writer, H.P. Lovecraft, with the release of the “Haunt of Horror: Lovecraft” mini-series from Marvel Comics MAX line. CBR News spoke with Editor Daniel Ketchum about the series.

This whole “phone call to the panel” thing is now de riguer.

Reed then took a call – on McCann’s phone – from Secret Invasion crafter Brian Michael Bendis. “What do you want,” Reed joked, “You’re not good enough to come to the show but you’ll call in?” Now a Wizard World Los Angels panel staple, Bendis was put on speaker phone. He joked that his next project will be a “Captain Carrot and the Amazing Zoo Crew vs. Rocket Raccoon” crossover.


  1. Worse than the phone call to the panel: my wife went to the Lucasfilm panel, which was mostly pre-recorded footage from Lucasfilm’s panel at WonderCon.

    The funny thing is, I actually saw the last 10-15 minutes of the WonderCon panel, since it was right before the New Frontier screening!

  2. John W. Campbell’s ‘Who Goes There?’ predates Body Snatchers by a good few years and I doubt even that’s the earliest story of alien replicants.

    It’s an evergreen SF idea which I hope Bendis can do justice.

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