Hm, how does one celebrate St. Paddy’s Day in comics book terms?


Apparently Banshee (Sean Cassidy) no longer has a green costume so that kinda sucks.


The CBR forum discusses Irish superheroes.

A video of Irish writer Garth Ennis (and Darick Robertson…with Laura Hudson!)

The Dublin City Comic-Con’s Myspace Page. No word on whether there will be one in ’08.

Hm…is that it? Why doesn’t someone make a comic book version of the legend of Cúchulainn? Think of the visuals for his battle rage alone!

The first warp-spasm seized Cúchulainn, and made him into a monstrous thing, hideous and shapeless, unheard of. His shanks and his joints, every knuckle and angle and organ from head to foot, shook like a tree in the flood or a reed in the stream. His body made a furious twist inside his skin, so that his feet and shins switched to the rear and his heels and calves switched to the front… On his head the temple-sinews stretched to the nape of his neck, each mighty, immense, measureless knob as big as the head of a month-old child… he sucked one eye so deep into his head that a wild crane couldn’t probe it onto his cheek out of the depths of his skull; the other eye fell out along his cheek. His mouth weirdly distorted: his cheek peeled back from his jaws until the gullet appeared, his lungs and his liver flapped in his mouth and throat, his lower jaw struck the upper a lion-killing blow, and fiery flakes large as a ram’s fleece reached his mouth from his throat… The hair of his head twisted like the tange of a red thornbush stuck in a gap; if a royal apple tree with all its kingly fruit were shaken above him, scarce an apple would reach the ground but each would be spiked on a bristle of his hair as it stood up on his scalp with rage.

UPDATE: From the comments, the comic book versions of Cuchulainn (pronounced, sort of, koo-CULL-in): Illustrator Connor Willumsen:
Celtpg3 Printready
And…the standard…

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  1. I thought this sounded familiar.
    I wish someone would make a Slaine movie.

    Heck,…I really wish someone would make a Nemisis movie.

  2. I thought this sounded familiar.
    I wish someone would make a Slaine movie.

    Heck,…I really wish someone would make a Nemesis movie.

  3. That Bachalo image is one of my favorite drawings of Banshee.

    However, as Crackerbob pointed out, Banshee is dead last I checked (which I thought was almost as big a mistake as killing Colossus), so that kinda sucks even more.