The troops live under the canon’s thunder

The whole bookscan/genre debate marches on, and Chris Mautner somehow reintroduces the canon debate into the mix. The link is a round-up of other links, but it includes this statement from a genuine academic, Prof. David Ball The question you ask is an incredibly vexed one for literary studies, and created (and continues to create) […]

School Library Journal graphic novel section

School Library Journal is a magazine aimed at…school librarians. It just had a big cover ppackage on graphic novels which you can read online, started with Michelle Gorman’s overview What a difference a decade makes. After years of fighting for shelf space in libraries and classrooms, graphic novels have finally become an acceptable alternative to […]

Indy Comics News launches

Aieee, those indy comics…they are everywhere! Wesley Craig Green writes to tell us of a new website called Indy Comic News which he hopes will fill “a much-needed void for independent comics & graphic novels and their publishers and creators.” Which is an oxymoron, but, ANYWAY. Green reports that publishers can upload their own PR, […]

Kick-ass comics women of the 70s

This YouTube video has a weighty theme: The American civil rights movement opened possibilities of empowerment to a new generation. Feminism simply extended that to include equity for the 51% majority of the human race, namely women. 1970’s pop culture reflected society’s struggle to grasp a new, modern, full-range woman. Comic books were in a […]


Speaking of Indie comics show, CAPE!, the Dallas, TX version, will be held May 3 at a new location: The WORLD’S BIGGEST Free Comic Book Day Event has gotten so big, we had to move to a new location. CAPE! 4, Comic and Pop-Culture Expo, is back. On Saturday May 3, CAPE! 4 is hosted […]

SPACE and STAPLE reports

A smattering of pictures and reports from this weekend’s duo of indie comics shows, SPACE in Columbus, OH and STAPLE in Austin, TX. David Hopkins has a Flickr set of STAPLE, of which one is at left. Wayne Cheong also went to Staple, and began a collection of artist self portraits called How Do You […]

Linkage 3/3

§ Tom Spurgeon looks back at 25 big stories of 2007 § David Paggi and Kiel Phegley how have a blog called Indie Jones at the Wizard Website. § Brian Hibbs wanders around his store for 31 days and along the way hopes to list “31 classic graphic novels.” First up: Alan Moore’s SWAMP THING. […]

Crazy mixed up cafe

At Edelstein boarding school, the schoolboys wear lip-gloss, the headmistress has a weakness for homoerotic comic books, and there is only one subject: how to serve female visitors. Yes it is another story on those maid cafes for women in Tokyo. Pullquotes galore. “Most of our customers are office ladies in their twenties and thirties, […]

Lori Earley art stolen

Jonathan Levine writes to say that a drawing by artist Lori Earley was stolen from her show at his gallery last week. Details a description of the suspected thief are below the cut. On a happier note, here’s a picture of artist Tara McPherson working on her “Lost Constellations” installation.