Once in a while we get one of those wonky press releases about people announcing their very important comic book which they hope to turn into a very important movie, but this one is really pretty funny. Basically it’s a PR Wire story about a marketing company called “Team Hollywood” getting an artist for a comic book. So far so good. Here’s the concept for the comic as found on a job post board:

The comic is based on the screenplay “Team Hollywood: Project Jupiter verses Mars”, it is the story of the real life “Team America” http://www.teamamerica.com/. Team America was based on the real life “Team Hollywood” www.teamhollywood.com , the members of Team Hollywood have Homeland Security companies (www.worldinstitute.info & www.gfbryantassociates.com) with members of the team with security clearances.

Hm, so this outfit is the basis of a satirical puppet movie that involves puppets puking and having sex? Not something we’d necessarily trumpet about. Actually the “About Team Hollywood” graph is the best part:

Team Hollywood’s principal officers and directors Kevin D. Finn and Preska Thomas are the managing directors and officers of such noted Homeland Security companies as the World Institute for Security Enhancement Foundation, (http://www.worldinstitute.info), Team Hollywood Investigations and G.F. Bryant Associates, Inc. (http://www.gfbryantassociates.com). They are authors of the unedited version of a reality reading book, “The Index: A Road Map,” a book that exposed a building in Sherman Oaks, California that housed Osama Bin Laden’s office over 14 years ago. It also disclosed that the building was never assessed for finding the speculated toy planes and toy helicopters hidden behind certain walls, intended for the disbursement of weapons of mass destruction. Hollywood is in the early stages of the development of a second movie based on the team entitled “Team Hollywood: Project Jupiter Verses Mars” and a television series in the works.

One of the key operations offices for Team Hollywood is located in the basement of a building in the city of Santa Monica, CA. Their main headquarters are in an underground nuclear silo in Denver, Colorado that is 45,000 square feet behind a high-chained link fence. There are three missile silos on that site; all interconnected by underground tunnels. Their underground silo is filled with former U.S. Navy Seals, former personnel in the FBI, CIA and Interpol who are always being deployed for training agencies and private sector as well as contractors for ground operations against terrorists.

Intrigued, we googled around a little, and found links to saving the Titanic, a possible hoax involving a phone call to CNN (which as far as we can tell wasn’t a hoax, but was plenty weird and involved the Trilateral Commission) and other good stuff. And what’s a reality reading book, anyway? We probably spent far too much time on these oddballs, but we like to know what we’re dealing with going in.


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