Aieee, those indy comics…they are everywhere! Wesley Craig Green writes to tell us of a new website called Indy Comic News which he hopes will fill “a much-needed void for independent comics & graphic novels and their publishers and creators.” Which is an oxymoron, but, ANYWAY. Green reports that publishers can upload their own PR, previews and announcements to the site, and a few other things:

* Have their titles added to the monthly Pre-Ordering Comics section of the site where they can provide Diamond ordering codes, links to previews, and more. The emphasis here is to give them an extra opportunity to sell their titles to those who do take the time to pre-order and also for retailers. Towards the end of each month, a PDF file of the titles will be created and made available for download from the ICN site and the CBIA forum with the intention that it will be used for pre-ordering.

* They can also add their title to the monthly Out This Month section when it is released. This will give them, yet, another opportunity to market their released title to consumers by providing them information on where it is available, links to previews, and such.

* A Publisher’s Directory which is simply a directory of publishers and self-publishers that people can use to find a certain publisher or self-publisher’s web site or contact information.

It will be hard to stand out in an already crowded field, but such a site would be a valuable resource, so check it out.