A smattering of pictures and reports from this weekend’s duo of indie comics shows, SPACE in Columbus, OH and STAPLE in Austin, TX.

200803030336David Hopkins has a Flickr set of STAPLE, of which one is at left. Wayne Cheong also went to Staple, and began a collection of artist self portraits called How Do You See Yourself? ADDED: Scott Kurtz on Staple. [HT: [email protected]]

Frank Santoro at Comics Comics has a SPACE report:

Went to SPACE in Columbus, Ohio. It was okay. Just no traffic really. The only people walking around checking things out were exhibitors. It felt like that until about 2 or 3 o’clock. I passed out some Cold Heat zines while Jim Rugg signed comics for his legions of fans (3 different people brought all their Street Angel comics, from home, to be signed. I’m not kidding! That shit never happens to me!) A little frustrated early on, I looked up to the end of my aisle — and there was Dave Sim. It’s not 1987 or 1995, it’s 2008, and there’s one of the most recognized figures in comics, still on tour, still hawking his vision.

Max Ink also has a brief SPACE report and mentions that traffic seemed to be down from last year.