Bookscan revisited

We’ve been trying to collect our thoughts on Brian Hibbs 2007 Bookscan analysis all week but what with catching up on 500+ emails, work, laundry, getting engaged and all, we have had a hard time finding a moment’s peace. Anyhoo, the thing to remember about all this — esp. the Brian-vs-Dirk argument — is that […]

Wonder-Con stuff

We have really fallen asleep on the job with our WonderCon coverage. It kicks off today and we haven’t even mentioned the lively party scene! A few links of note: • SF Examiner spotlight on Debbie “Bumperboy” Huey • Wired Preview with comic shop action • Prism Comics programming • The Cartoon Art Museum programming […]


It’s snowing a gale here in NYC (NB; this weekend last year was New York Comic-Con! Woe betide the return to February in ’09.) However, if you are ANYWHERE NEAR ROCKETSHIP you must go to this because HOTWIRE #@ will melt icicles and blast through drifts. Rocketship proprietor Alex Cox informs us in the comments […]

Comics trivialize Holocaust?

CNN international presents a video report the the holocaust comic book we’ve mentioned here previously. Produced by the Anne Frank Center and drawn by Eric Heuvel in full-on clear line style, the comic is intended to give German schoolchildren a primer in the horrors of the Holocaust. However, according to the video, some experts feel […]

LOST: Baby Daddy issues

Where Maury Povich when you need him? LOST nerds spent most of last night’s show wondering who the father of Kate’s future baby was going to be. Sawyer? Jack? Ben? As it turns out, like most of LOST, the answer is not that simple. SPOILERS after the jump

John Jackson Miller picks up his calculator again

Newsarama has started a new columns by noted sales figure collector John Jackson Miller. there is much to absorb in his maiden outing, but here’s a snippet: then and now. January 2008 sales are up over those of January 1998, a month from deep in the comics recession when the “dead quarter” very definitely lived […]

Border’s new concept stores spotlight GNs

Among other things. This week Borders rolled out the first of 20 new souped-up media-age “concept stores” which spotlight five areas: Traveling, Cooking, Wellness, Graphic Novels, and Children’s Books. According to the PR: Certain categories within the new Borders concept store — Travel, Cooking, Wellness, Graphic Novels and Children’s — are so popular and rapidly […]

Hot Topic steals soap?

It seems that Hot Topic has stated selling a t-shirt which is a dead ringer for one created by cartoonist Jess Fink. She isn’t taking it lying down. I’m sorry but I really don’t think this design is coincidentally or simply inspired by clip art. Things right down to the pose of the character and […]

Steve Gerber Links

#1. Grady Hendrix talks about Gerber changed comics : But Gerber himself was trapped in a vulturelike publishing industry. A dispute with Marvel over payment terms for the artist on the Howard the Duck newspaper strip led to Gerber leaving the book, only to realize too late that his creations were all work-for-hire, property of […]