Ma Con
Ben Towle alerts us to a new local comics fest:

Coming up next week, I’ll be appearing at Ma-Con, a one-day comics event held at Macon, Georgia’s Museum of Arts and Sciences in conjunction with their running exhibit, “The Art of Macon Comics.” That exhibit showcases the art of Macon comics artists Craig Hamilton, Ray Snyder and Tony Harris, some of whom local N.C. folks may have seen over the years at Heroes Con. In addition to those three, the event on Saturday the 23rd will also include a ton of other folk listed on the banner below, as well as pals Josh Latta and Brad McGinty, both of whose work you can check out at


  1. How can the Ma-Con not be in May!?

    Sounds like a nice relatively-small con though. If they can pull off a Heroes Con-type vibe for it they’re on the right track. I hope it goes really well.