Where Maury Povich when you need him? LOST nerds spent most of last night’s show wondering who the father of Kate’s future baby was going to be. Sawyer? Jack? Ben?

As it turns out, like most of LOST, the answer is not that simple.

SPOILERS after the jump

So, if Kate has Aaron, what happened to Claire? Dead? Still on the island? Taken by the Freighter People?

Why does Jack not want to see the baby? Guilt over what happened to Claire? And does he know in the future that she’s his half-sister?

Meanwhile, John Locke is trying to rule his bunch with an iron hand. “My way or the highway” is apparently his motto these days, not to mention trying to “feed” inedible “pineapples” to prisoners.

Speaking of torture, why didn’t use that copy of Xanadu on Jack, Kate or Sawyer as a torture device when they were prisoners? That might have been more effective than shock collars.

The return of the backgammon set. Where have you been all this time?

Is $3.2 million significant for any reason?

Perhaps the biggest question of them all for the next seven days … Just what happened to the helicopter? With Sayid on board, we assume there is no fatal crash. But, can you really assume anything on this show?

BTW, check out a fairly large interview over at ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY with Damon Lindelof and Carleton Cuse, which answers some lingering plot points and offers up new ones.

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  1. How creepy was that scene where Locke answers the door with blood on his hands? “Killed a chicken” he says. He kept promising a great chicken dinner for everyone all episode but we never saw him come out with a heaping pile of chic-fil-a. Just a grenade sandwich. What exactly is he doing in that house?

    Claire is doomed. I hope her passing is peaceful , but this is Lost so she most likely has a gruesome demise ahead.

  2. (Smacks hand against forehead)

    Oh! Color me stupid, but for some reason, I just didn’t get that the baby was Aaron when I watched it last night.

    Hmm…. does this make him one of the Oceanic Six?

  3. Yeah, I thought of that later on. Advance promos promised to reveal another of the Six, and for most of the episode I’m thinking that number five is another (adult) castaway and the (theoretical) kid is Kate’s own, born after leaving the island.

    But if it’s Aaron, then there’s just one left to go. I’m suspecting Jin or Sun, given that little dialogue where Jin talks about living in America.

  4. Even if the baby is Claire’s Aaron (I think it is), I doubt he would be one of the Oceanic 6. The baby wouldn’t have been listed as an Oceanic passenger, plus Jack said that eight survived the crash, and that Kate took care of five of them (her being the sixth).

    “Is $3.2 million significant for any reason?”

    Of course it is, we just don’t know it yet.

  5. Spoilers BEFORE the jump, more like. (Unless that Kate’s baby thing was just a joke, in which case, nevermind.)

  6. “Is $3.2 million significant for any reason?”

    Yes. That’s the number of times I’ve thrown my hands in the air and said “fuck it” everytime they’ve introduced ten new mysteries without ever resolving the other fifty.

  7. Claire is SO dead, but I would expect a twist to that as well. Damn, that’s a big baby. That kid should have been running around, not taking a nap like a newborn, but that’s me being armchair director.

    I thought that Claire and Kate had a talk about the baby to foreshadow Kate as a mother, but I really didn’t put the twist as possible.

    I thought they wouldn’t be as cruel as to kill Claire or take her baby away from her, but I guess they did. She must be dead, because why would Jack not want to see the baby? Bad memories of how Claire died, that’s why.

  8. PS:

    Oh snap! That’s right! What if through Claire’s death, he learns who her father was, and he just gets all touched in the head over it? I think that’ll lead to the Jack Beard.

  9. I think the helicopter is taking a long time to get to the freighter, at least by their standards, because of the weird time differential going on on the island.

    Dino – No, I don’t believe they ever implied Jack’s father impregnated Claire, but I have always wondered if the identity of Aaron’s father will be a big reveal.

  10. In a first-season flashback episode, we meet Claire’s boyfriend Thomas, who’s apparently the father. In the 3rd-season flashback where we see Claire meet Jack’s father (who is also her father) they make a big deal of establishing how she is just meeting him for the first time and how she doesn’t know or learn his name, which makes it a bit unlikely that he impregnated Claire.

    Still, it is LOST after all, and they certainly might throw some twists and turns and secret relevations into the mix. But it’s not like Aaron’s paternity is a big mystery–we pretty much know it’s the old boyfriend–that cries out for resolution.

  11. Uh…we met Aaron’s father in season one flash backs. That has never been a mystery. Maybe there is a surprise reveal that ties him back into the story, I don’t know, but who he is was never a mystery.

  12. What happens/happened to Claire may be what Ben was referring to last week when (off-island) he scolded Sayid for having sympathy for “these people.”
    But anyone with Jack that isn’t one of the “Oceanic Six” had better be high-tailing it to Locke’s camp in the next few episodes. I’m looking forward to seeing exactly what circumstances prevent the O6 from being killed.

    Also, I wouldn’t look for Desmond to be among the Six, but he’ll survive.
    Not having been on the flight, his being alive doesn’t have to be explained to the world, and his story arc is far from over.

  13. I’ve also been thinking Michael is the man on the boat.

    I’d forgotten that Jack is Aaron’s uncle, or just didn’t remake that connection until this morning. i would rather Aaron’s father not be a big reveal, and instead be that little miscreant who ran out on her so he could work on his art. What I am keen on is the fact that Kate is raising Aaron, and that is a big no-no according to Mr. Psychic in Australia, who said no one else could raise the child; Walt is going to be smacking somebody.

  14. To me, Desmond has “tragic hero” written all over him. I see a big sacrifice, along the line of Charlie’s, at some point.

  15. The hero that Desmond has written all over him is “Odysseus,” (Des) so , out of all the cast, he has a lock on living until at least he reunites with Penelope (Penny).

    At which point, his dog, Argos will drop dead.

    It’s Circe’s island. Or maybe Calypso’s. Also Prospero’s. And it was built by the Krell.

    There, no more mysteries. Go watch Dexter.

  16. I think that MILES is Ben’s man on the boat. Remember the bearing Ben told Michael to follow to “find rescue” in the season 2 finale?
    Miles saying that he wants 3.2 million dollars is his way of telling Ben that the “rescue” crew knows the bearing to get to the island; 3-2-5 (3.2 and 5 zeroes). Ben then asks Miles why not 3.3 or 3.5 and Miles says no, 3.2 million dollars—reinforcing that they are sure of the correct bearing. And when Miles says that Ben has one week to get the money, perhaps that’s his way of telling Ben that more people are coming to the island in one week unless action is taken to prevent it.

    Pictures have surfaced of the actor that plays Michael on SOME type of boat, so he can’t be ruled out as Ben’s spy…but it could be another boat altogether.

    These “rescuers” remind me of the Lone Gunmen, in that they’re interesting, fully realized characters. Someone had mentioned the Challengers of the Unknown, and I think that’s not too far off. I bet JJ Abrams & co. have plans for Miles, Faraday and some of the others beyond the end of LOST. I’d be VERY surprised if they killed off Miles, Faraday or Charlotte.

  17. wow.. that annoying miles being ben’s spy would be a twist i wouldn’t have seen coming..

    anyways, about kate going back to home to aaron at the end, she goes in and the laydy comes “how’s he?”, “he has been acting good all day, just went to sleep, hum hum humm”… well, she has been imprisoned for some time during the whole duration of the trial and i am assuming she hasn’t been there for some time, no? what kind of conversation is this?

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